If you already thought going to university fresh out of high school wasn't hard, well try this. Going to university, not knowing anyone, get embarrassed the second you leave your room and to make matters worse something happens to you that you can't even explain.

So what do you do? Live life like nothing ever happened? No way. 'Cause after you've been changed once there's no way in getting out when you're fully transformed.


12. Chapter 9 Part 2

Adrienne's POV 


It felt like it was just the two of us. Everyone suddenly disappeared and it was just Justin and I. So I didn't hesitate when I leaned forward and captured Justin's lips with mine as the crowd erupted. 

I felt a surge of sparks go through me when I felt Justin's lips touched mine. He didn't pull away which only made the butterflies in my stomach go crazy. 

I finally decided to pull away a smile playing on my lips. I grabbed Justin's hand, and quickly pulled him backstage. His cheeks were still a flaming pink which only made me laugh. 

"I'll see you later okay?" I spoke feeling quite anxious. Justin leaned forward capturing my lips in a sweet kiss. 

"I'll see you later."

I watched as Justin turned around and headed back to the crowd. My heart was racing one hundred miles per hour, and I liked it. 

Justin Drew's POV 

After the concert was over, I decided to find Adrienne. She was most likely in her dressing room. 

I saw a couple people backstage and they all smiled at me. It was a bit creepy but I just shrugged it off.  

Once I neared Adrienne's room I could already feel the butterflies in my stomach. Ever since tonight, I've become extremely nervous when around her.

You'd think that it'd be easier since I was looking at myself, but it wasn't. I could still feel Adrienne. She was a full part of me and I'm pretty sure she could feel that too. 

Giving the door only two knocks, our eyes immediately connected. 

"Hey, I didn't think you'd find me with all that chaos going on." Adrienne patted the the empty space beside her on the couch. 

"Yea, it was pretty crazy out there." I spoke as I jabbed my thumb in the direction that I came from and took a seat beside her. 

Suddenly there was this silence between us. No one said anything. We just stared at each other. It wasn't awkward. It was just a nice comfortable silent moment, if that makes any sense. 

I looked down at my hands feeling nervous all over again. When I was myself, I never acted like this. I was never nervous around girls. If I liked someone, I went for it. I never got rejected. 

But it's different with Adrienne. She has a part of me. She's living my life and I'm living hers. She makes me feel vulnerable. It's like I'm on the edge of my seat just waiting to fall off. 

"Are you okay?" I looked up into Adrienne's eyes. She looked worried as she looked deep into my eyes. 

"Ya, I'm fine, just a little shook up." I gave her a little shrug, but she ignored it.  

"I shouldn't have done that. You look so embarrassed. I'm so stupid." Adrienne put her face into her hands. 

"What? Ad I wasn't embarrassed, just a little shocked that's all. Why would I be embarrassed of you?" I rested my hand on her back trying to get her to talk to me. 

"Because it'll ruin your image. I always mess things up." 

That was enough. I wasn't gonna let Ad get all upset over something so silly. 

"Ad look at me, please." Adrienne slowly lifted her head up so our eyes finally locked together. 

"Your perfect okay. You never messed up." 

I leaned forward and brushed the hairs that had fallen in her face. "Your perfect in my eyes."

Adrienne's POV 

"Your perfect in my eyes." I looked into Justin's eyes. They only gave off one emotion; pure desire. 

Justin placed a hand on my cheek before leaning forward towards my ear. 

"You made me feel like a princess tonight." He chuckled against my neck sending vibrations all over my body which didn't go unnoticed by Justin. I could already feel his cheeky grin spreading across his lips, him loving every bit of this. 

I had my eyes shut tight scared of what might happen next. 

"Ad?" Justin's voice broke through the silence. I peaked through one of my eyes to see that Justin was now facing me with a smile on his face. 

"Thanks for tonight, really." He looked down at his fingers, that cocky smirk clearly gone. 

"No problem." Justin wrapped his arms around me in a hug and I gladly hugged him back.  

We both pulled away slowly, our eyes fixed on one an other. I took this opportunity to lean in and gently place my lips on his. It was small lingering kiss which meant nothing to crazy or out of hand. But I still felt that amazing spark go through. I suddenly felt the lights go off and we were both in the dark. 

That spark was strong enough to pull us apart. When I came to realize the power had gone out, I hadn't noticed the most important detail—during that small innocent kiss, Justin and I had magical turned back to ourselves as if our transformation had never even happened. 

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