If you already thought going to university fresh out of high school wasn't hard, well try this. Going to university, not knowing anyone, get embarrassed the second you leave your room and to make matters worse something happens to you that you can't even explain.

So what do you do? Live life like nothing ever happened? No way. 'Cause after you've been changed once there's no way in getting out when you're fully transformed.


22. Chapter 18

Justin Drew's POV 

I watched as Adrienne stormed out the room. She looked pretty angry and at the moment I just wanted to brush it off. Just forget about it. 

"Man you're great with the ladies." Twist laughed, his arm over my shoulder. 

I rolled my eyes and shook his arm off. "Fuck off."

I headed to my room and lay down on the bed. The alcohol was finally getting to me and all I wanted to do was get to sleep. I shut my eyes tight before drifting off into a dreamless sleep. 

I woke up the next morning with my head about to explode. I was still in my clothes from the night before and my hair was a total mess. I smelled like weed and booze which meant I was in much need of a shower. 

I stood up making something fall to the floor. I looked down to see a cd. I picked it up and flipped it over. It said 'Almost is Never Enough'. Adrienne and I's song. 

I put it on the bed in confusion and headed to the shower. I took a quick one, the hot water somehow making me remember everything from last night. 

That party I had in Adrienne and I's hotel room. 

It wasn't like I wanted to throw a party in the first place. I remember telling Ad that I had some things to do. And I did. 

I parked my range rover in the nearest parking space and hopped out of the car. I closed the door before heading onto the Starbucks Twist and Za wanted to meet me at. 

I hadn't seen them in a while. A part of me missed them and a part didn't. I knew they made my life a little crazy, but it was fun. When did a little fun harm anyone?

So without even mentioning this to Adrienne, I had left and met my friends. 

"Bieber, finally decided to see us? Has little miss thang kept you away from us?" 

I tried not to roll my eyes at Za. He was—as usual—being his rude self. 

"Man you know I didn't come to talk about Adrienne alright? But I did come cause I did miss y'all, for real."

I took a seat and Twist spoke up. 

"Ya us too. That's why we have this great idea to have this get together, y'know just our close friends."

I nodded my head. "Seems cool. When's this happening?"

An evil smile spread across Twists lips. "Tonight."

I can't believe I agreed to the party. Adrienne looked really mad. 

I finally got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. 

I can't clearly remember what happened last night. Everything feels like a blur. But I do remember Adrienne coming in last night and how she reacted when she saw what was going on. 

She looked pissed. Maybe a little disappointed. I knew how she felt about my friends. I already knew she didn't like them. 

I walked into my room and quickly got dressed. As I slipped on my shoes, my eyes landed on the cd. I grabbed it and headed out the room. 

I made it to the lobby to see the crew all there waiting, I guess for me. 

"Finally Justin, how long does it take for you get dressed? We needed to be out of here twenty minutes ago." Scooter shook his head before turning and looking for someone. 

My eyes scanned the room for Adrienne. She wasn't anywhere that I could see from where I was standing but I could feel that she was here. 

I saw Alfredo and jogged over to him. 

"Hey, have you seen Adrienne?" 

Alfredo looked up from his camera and nodded his head. "Ya, she was hanging out with your dancers. I think she's on their tour bus."

My dancers? When did Adrienne ever hang out with them?

I gave Alfredo a tight smile before turning around and heading over to the doors. There wasn't a lot of people out there so I pushed my shades on my face and quickly made a dash to the buses. 

I had made it safely to the buses and found the one my dancers were on. Pulling the door open, I stepped onto the bus and nearly fell over from the first step. 

I looked up to see all my dancers staring at me. When my eyes finally landed on Adrienne who was currently in a deep conversation with James—one of my male dancers—I couldn't help but feel jealous. How could I not? She is my girlfriend after all. 

The feeling coursed through my veins making my hands go into fists. My face felt extremely hot and all I wanted to do was jump into a body of water. 

Adrienne. I wanted to scream her name, get her to look at me. Give me some attention. 

But she paid me no mind. I watched as James told her something which made her throw her head back, her giggles filling the bus. 

I couldn't take it any longer. I needed to speak to her. Alone. 

"Adrienne!" My voice was loud and it got everyone's attention. When she looked at me her eyes that were previously bright with joy, darkened to something that looked like sadness and hatred. 

She turned back to James and told him something in a low voice. When she looked back and me her eyes were filled with tears that were ready to fall. 

She got up and walked to the back of the bus and closed the door behind her. 

Adrienne's POV 

When I saw Justin it was like everything from last night came flooding back but this time it was even worse.

Last night just was drunk and he didn't know what he was saying, but know he's fine but he doesn't remember a thing from last night. 

When I saw his face, he looked made. I don't know why, and I don't care.  

I don't want to speak to him. I can't believe he forgot about me last night. I can't believe I sung the song with Nathan and not Justin. That song was meant for Justin and I but know I'll never ever sing that song again. 

I hadn't even notice the tears running down my face. It was all happening so fast. One moment I was having a pleasant conversation with James and then the next I'm balling my eyes out.  

I heard a knock on the door. My first assumption was that it was Justin. I didn't want to open the door. I didn't want Justin here at all. 

"Adrienne," it was Scooter banging on the door. "You need to open up, please."

I let a sigh out before pulling the door open. Scooter stood there, his arms over his chest as he stared down on me. 

"So what's going on with you and Justin?"

Justin Drew's POV 

With a heavy sigh I headed back to my bus feeling like my heart had been stepped on a million times. I didn't feel comfortable watching Ad being so friendly with James. Even if she was in fact being friendly it still made my stomach plummet 12 stories. 

I took a seat on my bus when I noticed something in my hand. It was digging into my palm. It was the cd that Adrienne gave me last night. 

I got up and put it into the stereo and waited for it to play. The sound of a piano and then Adrienne's beautiful voice came alive. She sounded amazing. The next verse played but it wasn't Adrienne. The voice sounded so familiar. 

 "You can forget about the song Justin. I've already recorded it with Nathan and I can honestly say it sounds better then it would've sounded with you." 

Adrienne's voice boomed in my head. She wasn't lying when she said she recorded the song with Nathan. I thought she said that to make me feel even worse. But she did record it with him. 

They sounded good together, amazing even. But this wasn't supposed to happen. That song belongs to Adrienne and I. 

I pulled the cd out and snapped it in two. I hadn't notice the tears falling down my cheeks as I fell to my knees. 

Adrienne's POV 

"So are you gonna tell me what's going on?" Scooter had brought himself, Alfredo and Ryan thinking they could fix my relationship. All I wanted to do was cry and get on with my life.  

"Why don't you talk to Justin about it. I'm not in the mood for a therapy session." 

I looked up to see Ryan and Alfredo holding in laughter while Scooter glared at them. 

"Just tell me why Justin's so upset." 

I shook my head. "Justin shouldn't be upset, I should. He never showed up to the studio. Instead he was partying with his friends. He promised he'd be there, but he never came."

I couldn't look at them anymore. I also didn't want to cry but I could feel the urge to. 

"Adrienne, maybe you should go talk to him. Tell him how you feel." Alfredo spoke. 

"You know Justin, he sometimes doesn't realize that he's hurting something while he's hurt to." Ryan explained. 

"Ugh, I don't want to talk to him. Please. Justin and I can't figure this out on our own." I looked up that them my eyes glossed with tears. 

"Alright, we'll leave you alone."

They finally left which only made me feel worse. Even though I'm upset with Justin, I still miss him like crazy. The way he would look at me from across the room with a slight smile on his face. How his eyebrows would scrunch up when he was confused. When he slept his nose crinkled. The way he would bore his eyes into mine just before he kissed me. 

"Justin." I almost fell off the bed that I was currently sitting on. I got up and walked out of the room. When I made it to the bus doors I quickly got down them and made it to the other bus. 

He had to be here somewhere. I walked further onto Justin's bus until I made or to his room. I pressed my ear lightly to the door trying to hear anything. 

Justin was softly singing to himself. His voice wasn't powerful like it usually was. This time he sounded tired and sad. 

I couldn't take it anymore. I swung the door open. Justin didn't move at all. He had his back to me. 

"Justin," I took a step forward. "Justin could we talk—"

"Do you hate me?" His voice spoke softly. 

I shook my head even though he couldn't see. "Wh...Why would you say that?"

"Am I not good enough?" He turned to me, tears falling down his face. 

"Justin," I was startled when I saw him. 

"Just tell me the truth!" He boomed. I flinched away from him as he stood up. He had me pressed against the door his eyes wide. 

"Justin calm down, please." I was a little scared as he stared at me. 

"Why would you record that song. Without me." He wasn't asking it. He just glared at me through his eyelashes. 

"I already told you the truth. You can't hurt me without me hurting you back Justin. Life has consequences."

I tried to get around him but he only pressed me harder against the door. 

"I know what I did was wrong, but can we record it again. This isn't Nathan's song. It's ours."

"Justin you lost your chance. Just forget about the song just like you forgot about me." 


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