If you already thought going to university fresh out of high school wasn't hard, well try this. Going to university, not knowing anyone, get embarrassed the second you leave your room and to make matters worse something happens to you that you can't even explain.

So what do you do? Live life like nothing ever happened? No way. 'Cause after you've been changed once there's no way in getting out when you're fully transformed.


18. Chapter 14

Adrienne's POV 

I woke up the next morning feeling slightly cold with the sun shining in my eyes. I stretched my body and looked around the room when I finally noticed Justin wasn't there. I let my fingers run through my messy hair as I pulled myself out of Justin's warm and comfortable bed. I really didn't want to get up, but I also didn't want to be alone. 

I walked over to his washroom to hear the shower was on. I could see the outline of Justin's body through the foggy glass doors. 

I could feel my cheeks begin to get hot so I turned away from him.  A couple seconds later Justin got out of the shower. I didn't know if I should've turned around but I didn't have to. 

"Good morning babe." I felt Justin's chin rest on my shoulder as he pressed a firm kiss to my cheek. 

I turned to look at him. His towel was wrapped around his waste just below his v-line. I couldn't stop staring at his abs. I watched as little droplets slid down each sculpted ab. Suddenly I wanted to be that water. 


My eyes snapped up to Justin's gaze to see him smirking. He ran his fingers through his damp hair, the muscles in his biceps flexing with every movement. 

A small drop of water landed on my cheek. Justin leaned forward and wiped it away with his thumb. With his hand against my cheek, Justin wrapped the other around my waist. 

His eyes pieced through me. It was like he was trying to find my deepest darkest secrets. They were frozen within me and I didn't want anyone to ever know; including him. 

"You're perfect, you know that, right?" His voice was low. He dipped his head until our lips brushed against each others. 

"I don't wanna fight with you anymore. It's hard enough not being with you. I just want us to be perfect." He spoke softly. He gave me a warm smile before placing a kiss to my lips. 

"I want the same things Justin. I'll come on tour with you. I'll be your number one fan. I promise I won't leave again."

Justin wrapped his damp body around mine in a hug. His arms tightened around me so my face was pressed against his chest. 

"Lets do something before we go back on tour." Justin spoke as he pulled away from my body. 

I nodded my head. "What do you have in mind?" I asked as I lay back on his bed. Justin walked into his closet and grabbed some clothes. 

"I wanna do something special for you. You've been so helpful during tour so I want to give something back to you." Justin finished getting dressed so he crawled onto the bed and hovered over me. 

"Justin," I started. "You don't have to. Really. I love when we just hang out." 

"I know, but I want to."

Justin Drew's POV 

Adrienne and I quickly had some breakfast, but after that, I made he stay up in my room so I could set up our date. 

First, I had to fix up the backyard. I made little area where we could relax with large pillows under a tree. 

The pool top was on, so I thought it would be a cool idea if I put the table and hairs there. Since the over for the pool was see through, it looked like we would be standing on water. 

I put up some lights around the whole backyard so at night the place would light up. 

Next I had to start making the dinner. I decided on pasta since I actually knew how to make that.

Everything was finished so I ran up stairs to find Adrienne. 

When I walked into the room, she was knocked out. I tried not laugh, but she looked so adorable. 

I crawled onto the bed and lay down beside her. 

"Adrienne." I spoke close to her ear. She let out a sigh before flipping into her stomach. 

"Babe, wake up." I pulled her hair way from her face so I could see her. Adrienne wrapped her arm around my waist and rested her head on my chest. 

"Justin? Lets just sleep for a while." Her voice was muffled by my shirt. 

I let out a sigh as I stared at her face. I pushed her curly hair away from her forehead. She looked so peaceful which made me feel guilty for walking her up. 

"Justin?" Our eyes connected a she gave me a sweet smile. 

"Are you still tired or?" I watched as she stretched and finally sat up. 

"No, what were you doing downstairs?" She asked. 

A smile formed on my lips. "Lets go downstairs and find out. I jumped out of bed with Adrienne's hand in mine. 


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