Styles Times 3

Miley Rosso is head cheerleader at Cheshire High School. Her best friend is the biggest nerd in the whole school. Marcel, her best friend, has been her friend since Kindergarten. She has always had a huge crush on him. She always gets teased about 1. Hanging out with him 2. She's at the top and he's at the bottom. The Christmas Dance is coming up and it's girls ask guys. Will Miley make her move or will her arch-enemy Cassidy Hernandez ask him first? Or will she have to make the hardest decision of her life. Which Styles?


1. Holiday Seasons


"Marcel it's freezing," I said as I walked along side to Marcel. We were on our way to school. It's the last week of school until Christmas break.

"Miley, you'll be okay," he said as we trudged through the snow. We walked up the steps to school and the bell rang. We hurried to our lockers which were right beside each other. As I got my books out of my locker, Tyler Johnson, the head of the football team walked up to me. He had me against my locker and whispered in my ear.

"You'll want me, meet me tonight for some fun." He said as he clicked his teeth and winked. Marcel was getting his books and Tyler knocked them out of his hand and punched him in the eye.

"Marcel!!!!!!!," I screamed

"He's fine babe," Tyler said as he pushed me against my locker and sucker on my neck causing me to moan a little. But, no way I am not enjoying this. 

"Stop!!," I screamed. I pushed him away and ran to Marcel's side. He was blood shot red.

"Marcel, are you okay? Grab my hand."

He grabbed my hand and put it on his heart.

"I am fine, I think but my eye hurts." Our teacher Mr. Rivera came outside and helped Marcel up. 

"Marcel, are you gonna be okay or do you need to go to the nurse?" Mr. Rivera asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." He answered

"Okay, then come on you two we have a test on old science knowledge that you should have learned in 5th and 6th grade."

Okay, so it's Wednesday and we have a quiz just great. 

Marcel and I followed Mr. Rivera into the class room. Everyone was waiting to take the 15 question quiz. I took my seat by the door in the front and Marcel sat behind me. Mr. Rivera handed out the quiz. 

"Okay, everyone you have 20 minutes, you may begin."



This test is so easy but I can only see through my right eye.

1. What are the 5 animal kingdoms?- mammal, bird,reptile, amphibian and fish

                           Classify the kingdom for each vertebrate

2. Pigeon- bird

3.  Monkey- mammal

4. Crocodile- reptile

5. Gecko- amphibian

6. Trout-fish

7. Parrot-bird

                            Classify if the vertebrate is land, water or air

8. Frog- water

9. Giraffe-land

10. Peacock-land

11. Rhino-land

12. Dog-land/water

13. Snake-land/water

14. Lion-land

15. BONUS: Tell me which animal you would describe yourself as.

I would be a mouse. Mice are ignored and go by unnoticed. They get made of b/c of their squeaky voices.

I was done with my quiz and was the first one as always. I tried to get up and take my test up but I had a headache and my eye hurt. About 2 minutes later Miley finished and I asked her to take my test up. 10 minutes later time was up. Everyone turned in their test and the bell rang for lunch.


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