Waiting For Forever

*connor franta fan fic* read to know what this is about!


1. why me?

savannah's p.o.v

I walk in to the l.a school for the gifted my supra's squeaking on the shiny tile floor. I hate this school. the only thing that I like about it is my best friend and one of my roommates ,Connor. yep Connor franta  and I love him to death. I put my badge up to the scanner and the screen turns green "welcome back savannah" it says in a robotic voice. I walk past the scanner and walk to my locker I throw my books in carelessly, my face void of emotion. soon, someone's hands pop over my eyes "hi con da bon" I say, my voice and face brightening up. "hey" he says , kissing my cheek "how'd you know it was me?" he asks opening his own locker "never underestimate my awesome-ness" I say "and why do you always kiss my cheek? we aren't dating, and , I have a boyfriend" I say ironically, JC walks up "hey beautiful" he says pecking my lips "hey" I say. I look over to Connor and see he's shooting daggers with his eyes at JC "I got to get to class" I say, and I walk away. out of all of the people in the world why do I have to be singing in front of talent producers today!! WHY ME!!!!!!!!!

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