Waiting For Forever

*connor franta fan fic* read to know what this is about!


4. what have I done?

A/N really fast authors note here savannah is Sundays on O2L in this book just in case you were wondering and in the book confession week just started so its Connors day :D

Connors p.o.v

 what is wrong with me?!?!? I just let savannah walk out on me and JC when were both in love with her. I mean seriously I should have told her i'm in love with her. all of us have been texting her and calling her but she won't answer any of us, Andrea does though , so that's good. it's my day and i'm going to go do my confession now. I set up the camera and do my thing.

"hey what's up O2l its Connor and this weeks theme is confession week so uhm here goes nothin' ..... i'm going to confess my love for savannah .. yep our Sundays on our2ndlife and recently I let her walk out and well I shouldn't have so savannah, i'm soooo sorry if I broke you and JC uhm so yeah" I say rubbing the back of my neck "well since this is a more serious video i'm just gonna end it by saying bye ... so bye" I say I turn off the camera and walk into the house where JC is standing "you're a dead man franta" he snarls


savannah's p.o.v

i'm going home today after being at Andrea's for a week, and right now im putting the last of my stuff in my bag. "thanks for letting me stay Andrea, it meant a lot to me"  I say giving her  a hug "your welcome, anytime" she says I walk out and hop into my car, throwing my bag in the passenger side. today may just be the most difficult day in my entire life, today i'm telling Connor how I feel about him.

*magical time skip to after the car ride*

 I walk into the house "i'm back! anyone here miss me?" I yell and I get no response "of course they didn't miss you, you dingbat!" I whisper to myself I walk to my room and set my stuff down and I decide to go sit outside for a little while I walk to the back door and stop in my tracks "oh my God!!!" I scream and reach a hand up to my mouth "Connor!!" I shriek. Connor just lays there, unconscious, in a pool of blood. I drop to my knees to see if he has a pulse, and thank the lord he does, but it's extremely weak. I tilt his chin back and put my ear by his nose to see if he's breathing, and he isn't. "no no no no no no!" I scream I grab my phone and dial 911 "911 what's your emergency?" the operator asks " I just got home and my friend, Connor, was just laying on the floor bleeding from his head , unconscious and he's not breathing" I say  "okay , do you know how to do CPR?" she asks "y-yes I-I do" I respond "okay you're gonna need to give him CPR, okay?" she says "y-y-yeah that's o-okay" I stutter "okay first, tell me where you are" I give her the address and she tells me to stay on the phone, and I get Connor to breathe again but barely. I sit there and listen to the sirens "c'mon Connor stay with me" I whisper  they load him in the ambulance and i'm trying not to cry.

*skips ambulance ride*

i'm at the emergency room waiting for Connor's doctor to tell me what the f is going on with him. finally his doctor walks up to me "how is he?" I ask "not so good, he has a small skull fracture and has lost about 20 percent of his blood, but if you hadn't found him he would have died" he says "is he gonna wake up?" I ask "i'm not sure" he says




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