Waiting For Forever

*connor franta fan fic* read to know what this is about!


3. hot damn , savannah!

Connors p.o.v

 I walk out of the shower, laughing like a madman. "CONNOR!!!" savannah screams " YOU ASSHOLE!!!".In about 5 minutes a soaking wet savannah wearing only her undergarments and a smile walks into our room she snatches the towel out of my hands and walks back to the bathroom "hot damn , savannah!" I yell "sorry Connor she's mine" JC says from the doorway "oh my gosh uhm I was just kidding JC I swear the-" i'm cut off by savannah "chill the fuck out JC you know were just friends " she says "well sorry that I don't like my girlfriend walking out of the shower in her bra and underwear, dammit!" he yells getting into savannahs face she pushes him back , and I can tell she's pissed "I am a grown woman and if I decide to walk around in my underwear so fucking be it! you don't own me! now i'm gonna give you two options 1. say you're sorry for being a dick and 2. leave" she says crossing her arms and jutting her hip bone out "well if that's how it has to be then I guess I'll just-" he starts but she  cuts him off "Jc if you're just gonna walk out after such a tiny thing , then w-we  can't b-be t-together  anymore" she says trying not to cry "babe I won't walk out I didn't mean it" he says and tears fall down his cheeks "please" he whispers holding her close to him "we need to take a break" she says "don't make this harder than it already is, Justin" she says using his full name , which she never ever does "please savannah, please, I need you with me" he says in between sobs "jc I can't do this anymore, you and I just won't work" she says . she walks across the room and grabs her stuff (since we just move she still hadn't un-packed her things) , her phone and walks to the bathroom she grabs her toothbrush and toothpaste and walks to the door "where are you going??" I yell "to Andrea's , I need to spend time away from everyone" she yells back and slams the door shut. I feel terrible.The girl of mine and Jc's dreams just walked out and I didn't do a damn thing to stop it.    


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