Waiting For Forever

*connor franta fan fic* read to know what this is about!


6. Feelings taking over

jc's p.o.v

 in my frustration I realize Sam, Ricky, Trevor and Kian might not know about what's going on I grab my phone out of my pocket and dial Sam's number first, hoping he can take the news better than anyone else. "hello?" Sam says "hey Sammers I umm, I have some bad news" I say "what happened?" Sam asks, panic in his voice " just come to the hospital" I say "o-ok" he says "thanks" I say I hang up and call Ricky "hey" I say "jc, are you at the hospital?" he asks "yes, do you know what happened?" I ask "yes" he says "o-ok then" I say and hang, I decide to text the others, it'll be easier. in a couple seconds Sam walks into the waiting room "jc, what happened?" he asks "ok, here goes nothin'" I whisper to myself "Kian hurt Connor really really bad and savannah got shot in the back by my crazy ex- girlfriend and they don't know if either is going to survive and I just, I just don't know what to do" I say with speed "w-what?" Sam says, sitting down "w-w-when did this h-happen?" he asks "umm Savannah was a couple minutes ago" I say "Mr. Caylen?" I hear a nurse ask "yeah, that's me" I say "your friend, Connor is awake now, would you like to see him?" she asks "yes!" I exclaim "can I come too?" Sam asks "sure" she says she leads us to Connors room and we walk in "hola"  Connor says "Connor, i'm sorry bro" I say "that's okay, where's kian?"  he says "we don't know, the cops think he ran after he, well, y'know" I say sheepishly "o-okay, well where's Savannah?" he asks "she, umm, well she-" I start but i'm cut off by Sam "she got shot" he says "what? when?" Connor asks "about a half an hour ago.." I say "a-alright then, i'm gonna pretend that this is a dream now.." he says "you guys are gonna have to go now" the nurse says "okay" I say. when we walk out I ask the nurse "do you know how savannah is?" "yes, she's in the ICU" she says "I-is she gonna be okay?" I ask   "she should be okay, but nothings for certain yet" she says "ok" I say I walk to the waiting room and sit in one of the chairs. I hear the doors open so I look up to see who just walked in and I see none other then the reason this whole thing happened, Kian Lawley.


Connors p.o.v

 The nurse just walked in and told me Savannah woke up, and i'm going to see her. I walk into the room and see Savannah sitting on the bed "Savannah" I say she turns and when she sees my face her eyes light up like a Christmas tree she hops off the bed and gives me a hug "thank God you're okay" she whispers "I thought the same about you" I whisper back "c-Connor?" she asks "what?" I say "about the video.. I-i think I feel the s-same way" she says  



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