All of your little things..

When the Niall Horan comes to Ireland he bumps into Emily a 19 year old geeky girl who supposedly finds her attention. With her natural brown hair green eyes he has quote «Found the perfect girl»

Can their love be confusing or too busy for each other??


2. Tired but happy :) :/


When I come back from college I head back to my house  and just relax ahh. I turn on the television I see on the news that One Direction are in Ireland yepee!! I LOVE them especially Niall he is so cute funny and eats a lot like me lol but he will never notice me I am such a dork. When I cook some dinner I still watch the news Wow one direction will be staying in a hotel near my house wow how exciting!! 

The next day.....

I love this day so sunny so fresh not hot not humid just fine. Today I decided to you know just hang out after school. I went classy today I found a high low skirt a white tube top that zipped from the front and I added some red Tom shoes. I braided my hair in a low pony tail. I did my mascara and added some pink lip gloss. I ate breakfast and headed out the door. As I walked into class the teacher wasn't their so class was cancelled. YAY!! But when me and Hannah headed to the library to study she asked if we could just go shopping after school for some US time.

"Hey want to go out to eat after shopping??" She whispered 

"Sure awesome!!" 

"Might as well meet some cute guys while we're at it"

"Shut up you got a boyfriend silly!!"

" No not me ... YOU!"

"Well fine but if I have a guy to get at you owe me 20$ if I don't I owe you 20$ ??" 



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