All of your little things..

When the Niall Horan comes to Ireland he bumps into Emily a 19 year old geeky girl who supposedly finds her attention. With her natural brown hair green eyes he has quote «Found the perfect girl»

Can their love be confusing or too busy for each other??


4. The great date we had <3


When I got home I took a shower AGAIN just for my date with Niall. I made lots of outfits in 1 hour WOW so I went with a great choice a beige lace dress tan sandals a gold bracelet and my hair braided in a high bun. I did my makeup and waited for him to arrive. He arrived at exactly what time he said yayy.

" I have a surprise place to take you to"

"Oh really I love surprises"

" The surprise is... Nandos!!!" 

"Omg I love that place you really truly know how to please a girl niall!"

" I like you already" 

"Thank you " I blush :)

Nialls POV

When we talked and talked for hours it was like heaven she was the perfect girl. She lives my jokes my bad habit of eating a lot she LOVES to eat like me.

"So Emily do you go to college" I asked

"Oh yes I do it is my second year so cool but lovely"

When we were done eating I took her to the park for a nice stroll in the moonlight.

" you know Emily I really like you will you go out with me?"

" Yes I will thank you OMG I like you too!"

As she finished saying that I kissed on the lips onto the moonlight ;)


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