Kidnapped By My Brother's mates

Jade Tomlinson, Had grown up with her older brother till the age of 9. they were always 3 Years apart. Louis was 12 when he ran away, he left her with their abusive parents. Years later* She and her friends head to a club, she didn't think it was safe... what happens if someone tries to get her? When she goes missing what will her friends do? When she finds her brother will she hate him for betraying or forgive him? Will Jade fall in love?

3. 3

Jade's POV

I was so confused, why would they kidnapp me if they didn't want too. I kept listening but then everything went silent. When I turned to walk away a ran into a very tall boy towering over me. he was wearing a gray sweatshirt and had brown hair and brown eyes. He grabbed my arm tightly and pushed me downstairs to the boys angerly. I stopped in front of them not moving anymore, I turned my head and didn't look into their eyes, not even them. The quiff boy got up and walked towards me, he grabbed my face with his huge hand and pulled it towards his. I looked at him for seconds before moving my head out of his grip and retaining my other position.

"Don't dis me love" his deep british voice spoke, I punched him hard in the chest as I said,

"Last Warning! Don't call me LOVE!" I screamed.

"You shouldn't have done that" He said as I felt pain slam hard on my face.He slapped me! I held my cheek and cried in my head anger enraging me enough to strangle the boy. I was held back by 2 boys as I hit and kicked trying to hit the kid. The blonde one told me to calm down and I elbowed him in the jaw. As with the curly haired one I kicked his nuts, and ran after quiff boy I got so close until sweatshirt and red pants grabbed me. I tried kicking sweatshirt but it was like he had balls of steel! I got red off me but that made the other grip my arm tighter and when I squealed he let loose. Since I wasn't budging we he tried to pull me, he picked me up bridal style and carried me to a room. I was scared because they locked the door it was dark and I wasn't sure if anyone was in here or not. At this point I didn't really care I leaned up against somthing and cried. When I noticed what ever I was leaning on had a pulse and wrapped its arms around me I screamed.

" Shhh it's okay lov- hun im not going to hurt you" He spoke in a light soft voice.

I cried harder when everything that happened rushed through my mind. Louis. Mom. Dad. Cuts. Scars. Life. Torture. I stopped when the boys soothing voice spoke,

"What's your name hun?"

"Jade" I mumbled.

"I had a sister named Jade before..." He trailed off.

"Oh really? Whats your name?" I asked sniffling.

"Louis. Louis Tomlinson" He said proudly.

I looked at him in fear and anger. I backed away and brushed myself off, I got up and banged on the door asking for trouble....

Louis's POV

Her name was Jade, reminds me of my sister. I don't like to speak of her, I left her alone, with THEM. Now she has been filed dead and I know its all my fault. She looked very frightend and angry at me once I had said my name, was she my sis- no shes dead....

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