Kidnapped By My Brother's mates

Jade Tomlinson, Had grown up with her older brother till the age of 9. they were always 3 Years apart. Louis was 12 when he ran away, he left her with their abusive parents. Years later* She and her friends head to a club, she didn't think it was safe... what happens if someone tries to get her? When she goes missing what will her friends do? When she finds her brother will she hate him for betraying or forgive him? Will Jade fall in love?

1. 1

Jade's POV

The girls invited me to hang out with them tonight, they said wear some thing sexy. To me, skinny jeans, All Stars, and a one shoulder shirt worked fine as sexy. I put on my Black and Yellow Geek glasses and left to their house. When they let me in they were disappointed in my fashion choice,

"I knew I should have dressed you myself Jade" Kenzie moaned.

I just rolled my eyes and watched T.V. while they put make up on me and themselves, both hogging the mirror. I could't see myself which was bad because I didn't trust them putting 'Sexy' make up on me. I finally got the mirror and I looked like a Clown! I wiped most of it off and again they looked disappointed. Once we got close I knew they were taking me to "The Joker's Club" That place was really dangerous. I started to shiver as Girls and Guys looked at my in disgust. I looked at them shyly and kept walking, soon I lost my pack which was never good. I prayed nobody would notice a girl standing alone afraid, Yet with my luck some one did.

"Hey Pretty Lady What Yo Name" He slurred, he was drunk.

"None Ya" I backhanded him and walked away. Sadly for me he came back up to me and grabbed my wrists.

"Your mine pretty little one" he breathed out, pushing the smell of drugs into my mouth and nose.

I got loose and ran from the club, ran outside getting away from all the horny men. Scared I would be raped... again. I saw a big van sitting on a curb up ahead, I tried to quickly pass by but it didn't work. I heard "GET HER"! from the van and I began running. I heard footsteps behind me and chains, which terrified me even more. The man I saw inside the club was headed my way as well as a new guy. Why were guys attracted to me? I was a geek nobody liked me. The man in the club passed the van boy and caught me.

"You can't get away this time love" He growled.


Van boy caught up and punched him in the face, I looked at him dead in the eye which I couldn't see him to well because it was dark out. He put his hand to my cheek and I slapped it away. Nobody called me Love, Nobody touched my cheek! Only louis and I refuse to remember him. He left me alone on the day I was raped because of his disapperence. I was snapped back to reality when 4 other boys pulled me into the van while I was struggling to break free, momentarily looking into the boys dark night eyes before they tied me up and shut the door....




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