Fragile girl *SHORT STORY*

This one particular girl couldn't contain her inner pain. She thought of a day, a day that will put her into darkness. No one didn't care how she felt, so one cold day. Something tragic happens.


6. Final

The fragile girl was happy in the white blue sky. She's happy that all pain inside her has all lifted off her chest. Now she has to make the boy feel very protective. She will be the angel in the heaven, for this boy, good or bad, she'll guide him all the way through. Then he'll help the angel by guiding his children. 







(A/N: hey guys, yeah I know I updated. So if your confused on what on earth does the ending talk about. Well I'm sorry..... I kinda deleted some of my story, for the 29th of March.... Sooo I'm going to like fix that somehow. So yeah. There's no sequal, for this book. This book was just like a good book. So coolies)


love always


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