Fragile girl *SHORT STORY*

This one particular girl couldn't contain her inner pain. She thought of a day, a day that will put her into darkness. No one didn't care how she felt, so one cold day. Something tragic happens.


3. Chapter 2

28th march 2013
I had a terrible day, not like that's anything new. I've been pushed, teased, threatened by nearly the whole school. No one cares about a girl like me. I don't even know what I done to them. Probably I have but without me knowing. I already set a date for my suicidal. I bet everyone will still never care about me. I don't care anyways. They don't know what happened in my life. My parents died in a plane crash. My older sister saved my own life by taking her life instead of mine. My older brother was hit by a car by a drunk driver. My grandparents passed away. I have no other relatives as they passed away to. And then there was me, I'm getting killed for no accident, I'm getting killed cause I had enough with hurtful and terrible things that has happened from the past all the way from now. I need to go. The popular group is coming and it seems like they are definitely angry about something. 

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