Fragile girl *SHORT STORY*

This one particular girl couldn't contain her inner pain. She thought of a day, a day that will put her into darkness. No one didn't care how she felt, so one cold day. Something tragic happens.


5. 1st of July

1st of July 2013
It's my death date today. Yeh (note sarcasm) I've already set my plan to action. Being prepared isn't what I was born for. But I'll give it a go, before I die. Well then this is goodbye 'death journal' you are holding my thoughts and secrets from my past to right now. This is the last time, that my nice but horrible handwriting will finish. There's no coming back, no coming back to the mess I have and already made. Goodbye…

Cries can be heard everywhere now. These cries, are different emotions. All types. Sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed all opposite emotions from the word… happy. The boy who liked and always will the precious fragile girl. Pinched himself several times. Hoping this isn't real and it's all dream. But it isn't working. So he cried hard, emptying all his emotions for the fragile girl. One girl, was comforting him. She had sympathy for him, losing a best friend can be really hard. She lost one of her best friends, risking their life for her. She'll never forgive that day. 

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