Eventing Dream

Four hooves, Three events, Two hearts, One passion. Thats what the back of Emilies sweatshirt says as she backs her horse out of the trailer at one of the biggest eventing shows. It's every young eventers dream to go to this show. The Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.

1. One


I hop out of my dad's Ford F-250 and gaze at the already busy Kentucky Rolex show grounds. Competitors rushing to get registered, grooms leading horses or hauling supplies, show moms bustling around with a granola bar in one hand and some drink in the other and show dads looking desperately at their wallets or check books, not really wanting to be there. And then there was me. This was my first big show, my debut to the world of professional equestrians. The beginning of my staircase to the top. This, is where I would either make it or break it. Okay, that sounds a little dramatic, my whole riding career doesn't rest on this one show, but this is my first chance to get noticed, and with the summer Olympics coming up next year, and me being sixteen and all, I really wanted to impress the scouts that are here watching everybody show, and practice, seeing if they are Olympic material, and I really want to be Olympic material, I've tried my whole life for this moment, to be able to prove to everybody that ever doubted me that the long days, tear, sweat, blood, and money wasn't all a waste, so I guess, somewhere in the back of my mind, this was the deal breaker, my one chance, I guess in my mind there were no second chances to prove myself. That was why I had to be on top of my game this week, and not waiver for a second. 

I was showing two horses from my dads breeding farm and my own horse, Pipi. I had an advantage, I had three chances to catch the eye of an Olympic scout. I had to make the best of those three chances.

"Hey sweetheart, I'm going to go check in, I got our stall information yesterday in the mail, could you get the horses settled in?" My dad asks over the hood of the truck.

"Yeah, sure, its stall block C right?"

"Stalls four through seven, yep." He says smiling at me. "I'll come help you when I finish standing in that mile long line."

"Okay," I laugh and pull on my hunting camo baseball cap and head to unlock the back of the trailer.


I was just backing my 17'3 mare out of the trailer, she was the last one and didn't like it one bit, when a tall blonde boy walked directly behind her without even looking, causing Pipi's rump to run into the boys horses' shoulder. 

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" The boy shouted at me.

"Me?" I yell surprised, "You're the one walking in your own little world around a busy show ground, watch where you're going next time!"

"You ran into me, how does me being in my own world fit into this?"

"You never walk behind a horse being backed out of a trailer, especially if you have a horse trailing three feet behind you on a slack lead rope!" I was getting pissed at him now.

"Oh and where did you learn this, little miss know it all?" He asked, being catty and defensive, obviously knowing he was in the wrong but not wanting to admit it.

"It's called common sense, which you seem to have none of." That shut him up. "Now go, so I can finish unloading, some of us actually have priorities.

He walks off with a scowl on his face, the lanky bay still trailing behind him, until he disappears into the crowds of people.

I finish backing Pipi out of the trailer without any more difficulties and she practically drags me to our stall block, as if she knew where it was, I have to give it to her, she is smart. Smarter than most mares I've known.

"Hey sweetie, how's it going?" My dad comes up to the stall we are using as a tack room, that I'm trying to organize. Each horse has a saddle stand and a bridle bag hanging on the hook on the front of each with a grooming bag on the floor in front of the stand, sitting on a hay bale. The trash can of feed sits in a corner with a pile of six hay bales next to it and the buckets with their names on them stacked neatly on top of the plastic trash can.

"It's going fine, I haven't gotten the saddles or the girths yet, could you grab two of those? I was just on my way to get saddle pads and the rest of Pipi's tack." I flick my pony tail off my shoulder. I was the queen of OCD and over organizing at shows. 

"Sure honey, want to walk with me?" He holds out his arm.

"Sure, I take it and we walk back to the trailer together.

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