As Long As We Love This Love Story

We could do everything in this world.
We can rule the world, as long as we love this love story.
Just please, love this love story like I do.



7. Wondering

Her father kept her inside the house. Like bird in a cage. Her father was always telling her how to feel, but he wasn't the only one. Her mother was too.

"Pretty, he's not for you. If he was, he would come looking for you. But, where is he? Here not." her mother had told her.

But, Jane knew it really deep inside her mind. She knew that her mother was right. 

It had been ten days from the last time she had received a letter from him. Perhaps, she had still feeling like they weren't done. It was a love letter not a goodbye-I hope never see ya again letter. She started to write another letter:


I got tired of waiting. I've been wondering if you ever coming  around. My faith in you is fading.

I'm tired of waiting. I wonder if you ever coming around. My faith in you is fading as you do.

She was tired of waiting.

Jane wondered if he was ever coming around.

Her faith in him was fading...

Someone knocked on the door.

"Coming" Jane said.

The housekeeper opened the door and crossed the room moving her hips side to side. She left a letter on Jane's hand and left the room. Jane opened the letter:

Meet me in the outskirts.

Ryan's spelling.

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