As Long As We Love This Love Story

We could do everything in this world.
We can rule the world, as long as we love this love story.
Just please, love this love story like I do.



4. Undertow Love

She woke up in the middle of the night.

Where was she? Was she in her room? How did she got there?

She don't even know.

Jane began to hear sounds like something hitting her window. She stood up from the bed and walked barefoot to the balcony doors. Jane pulled the curtains aside and opened the doors. He was there, on the balcony in summer air as she was also. 

"Hello" he said. She smiled.


"Like I saw you drunk, I decided to bring you something" he reached out and held out a dark paper bag. She took it and raised an eyebrow. "It's a hamburger. I've heard that hamburgers help with the undertow" she smiled.

"Um. thank you, I mean, thank you!" he laughed.

She saw how the wind moved his hair and make it fly.

"He is so handsome" she said to herself.

"Eat it, it gonna help you" she took the burger out of the bag and unwrapped the hamburger while she was going inside the room followed by him. She took a seat on the bed and he did the same.

"Am, thank you. I thought the party was still celebrating"

"Yes, it is"

"You should be celebrating!"

"Swear, I'm doin', don't worry" he smiled and cast his gaze to her face.

"Jane! Are you upstairs?" rang her mother's voice.

"Oh God! You have to go!...Come on! How did you get inside?"

"From the balcony" he said standing up and walking fast to the balcony. He swung a leg over the balcony and stood there.

"What?" she asked and he smiled.

"Did I see you again?" he smiled again noticing how Jane's cheeks were turning red.

"If you can go, yes" she smiled.

"So, then, goodbye" he said and swung the other leg and he came down the creeper carefully.

"Jane!" said her father from the door. She turned to him fast.

"Dad!" she said and walked to him.

"Your mom has been looking you. She was worried"

"I'm here. I'm fine" she rolled her eyes and when she put her gaze in her father, she saw how her father was looking to the burger. Her father looked to her and he went out.

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