As Long As We Love This Love Story

We could do everything in this world.
We can rule the world, as long as we love this love story.
Just please, love this love story like I do.



5. This World Is Spinning Around

It was in the Sunday morning and she noticed that the burger really helped her with the undertow. She saw the ceiling of her room. She sighed.

"I told you, she is not here..." her mother's voice sounded desperate and also sick.

"How you dare?!" It was the voice of his father. That sounded when he is angry, when something is terrified for him. "Ryan! Stay away from Jane!"

That's when she noticed: they were talking about her. She got up and ran out of the room barefoot. She ran through the staircase. She was about to fall, but she regained her balance.

"Dad!" she yelled at the boy's side.

"Jane! Go upstairs!" he yelled again.

"No" she said trying to regain her temper.

"It's okay..." he said trying too.

"No! It isn't okay!" she said to him. "You always are controlling my life! It's my life, not yours!" she said now to her father. He looked to her and then looked to Ryan.

"Stay away from Jane! Away! Do you hear me?" he looked to his wife. "Show him the exit"  Ms. Cannon took Ryan's arms with a look of compassion and they both went leaving the living room.

"Please! Don't go!" Jane begged loudly and walked fast to the hall following her mother and Ryan, but her father took her from the arm. Pulling so hard that made her stagger.

"Back to your room" he said. And it wasn't just 'something' it was an order. She released her arm from his grasp and run upstairs.

She sat at the staircase and started crying. She was sad, but angry too. Jane was frustrated for failing to do something.

"Ryan, take me somewhere...somewhere we can be alone" she said whispering in tears. Tear after tear fell on her cheeks bathing them. She wiped them with the back of his hand but, if she cleaned it more, more fall from her eyes.

"I'll be waiting, just run..." and she burst into tears again.


In the night, she sneaked out to the garden. There were a garden in the backs of her house. It was dark and lonely so that's why it was perfect to meet.

Jane asked her housekeeper if she could take a letter to Ryan. To Ryan Meyer.

And she did. Ryan sent her another letter back saying that he will be there, waiting for her:

I'll be there, Jane...

This is a love story, darling just say yes.

He was holding her hand and walking through the garden. He was smiling and holding her hand tighter. They kept quiet.

"Sh. Cause we are dead if they knew" she said smiling at him. He got closer.

"So close your eyes. Escape this town for a little while" he whispered at her ear.  She smiled again. She closed her eyes. Ryan took her to inside the garden, whispering about everything he saw. And, at the end, saying goodbye with a kiss in her hand.


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