As Long As We Love This Love Story

We could do everything in this world.
We can rule the world, as long as we love this love story.
Just please, love this love story like I do.



8. They try to tell me how to feel

He was there. Jane saw Ryan standing in the outskirts of the town. And he saw her too. Both smiled.

Jane felt how her happiness grew so fast and elevated so high.

She ran to him, without caring about her clothes.

He ran to her, just wishing have her in his arms.

She wished this love. No matter if it was difficult, it was real. She love this love story as he does.

They could do everything, as long as they love this love story.

He got closer to her and held her hand.

"Ryan, save me. I've been feeling so lonely. I keep waiting for you but you never come"  she said it so fast that he barely understood. "Is this in my head?" he didn't say anything. "I don't know what to think..."

Ryan knelt to the ground letting the dust get him dirty. He took out a little box and opened. He pulled out a ring.

Jane felt the tears were coming out from her brown eyes.

Ryan's eyes were bluer than it have been before. His brown hair was flying. Losing itself in the infinity of the place.

He saw her face. Her eyes. She was about to cry. Not because she was sad, because she was happy. Because she loved this love story. Both loved this love story.

Their love is more strong than everything. Than her mom. Than her dad.

She knows how she feels. She knows that this love is difficult, but it's real. She knows too, she's not afraid. She also knows that they made it out of that fuss.

That this is a love story.

"Marry me, Jane. You will never have to be alone. I love you, and that's what I really know. I talked to you father. Go and pick out a white dress. It's a love story and love this love story. Darling, just say yes" she was crying. She felt her world spinning around and not because she was drunk. Or maybe she was drunk with happiness.



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