As Long As We Love This Love Story

We could do everything in this world.
We can rule the world, as long as we love this love story.
Just please, love this love story like I do.



2. The First Sight

"Jane!" she woke up by the annoying noises from her mother on the other side of the door.

"Jane! Come on! Wake up! It's time!"

"I got up, mom! I will take a shower!" Jane said and she walked to her bathroom. It was a big bathroom, white with their porcelain white furniture.

She took a quickly shower, refreshing her body and her mind at the same time. It will be a long night and she know it. Same bored persons. Same behavior from her part.

She took a towel and roll it up in this. She toweled and leave it in the bed. She opened wardrobe's doors and took the sparkly black dress. She looked for some high heels. Black or gold? Gold she choosed. She put her clothes on. Usually, she have to iron her hair to make it stay in place, but this time, stay perfect, wavy brittle. She went to her dresser and took her makeup. At the end of the basics, she made ​​herself up with her ​​red lipstick and black shadows in her eyes, she put mascara in her eyelashes. She was ready.  In the end, she got her high heels on her feet and stood up. She stood in front of the full length mirror. She was really pretty, with her hair falling in waves and her big brown eyes, that looked even more bigger with the makeup. She smiled and she started to hear the music that was playing in the ballroom.

She ran to the door trying to not fall down. She was coming down the stairs when she saw the happy people dancing and drinking.

"Maybe, tonight will be good" she whispered just when her father took her from the arm.

"What are you doin' just dressing like that?" he whispered angry.

"It's a dress, dad.  If you want me to come to the party naked I can take off my clothes up and then come to the party"

"Are you crazy?, Jane please, take all that off and wear something more formal"

"Dad, it's just a 'party', relax" She said and she end up going down the stairs. She walked to the bar drinks angry. She was really angry, her father is always telling her what to do, how and when. She walked to the bar drinks and ordered a Malibu, a rum-based drink and coconut. The waiter, who was a kitchen employee handed her the cup. She drank enjoying the atmosphere: people dancing on the dance floor with the ball gowns around, the lights of the spotlight shining on the walls of the place. People's dresses. People really was having fun.

Another drink.

Another drink.

Another drink.

Another drink.

And she already felt that the world was spinning. She stood up and had to lean on the bar to avoid whipping on the floor. She laughed and dropped her hair back. The girl began to walk to the center of the dance floor.  She was not very good at dancing, but what mattered, she was drunk and she was having fun.

Jane started dancing sensually. Moving her hips and her feet. Arms up, arms down. Hair flying in the air like she wouldn't know anyone of there. And she was laughing. And enjoying. And having a good time...that's when she saw him -not really, she just saw a shadow getting closer to her- the guy, with brown hair and sky look, his eyes were blue as the sky, with that pretty and comfortable smile.

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