As Long As We Love This Love Story

We could do everything in this world.
We can rule the world, as long as we love this love story.
Just please, love this love story like I do.



3. Ours

"Hello" he smiled at her.

"Hello...this is such a good time" she smiled and then stopped dancing.

"Can we dance? Together?" she nodded, giving him a smile again. She started dancing again followed by him. It was electronic music, so they could only make awkward movements. She laughed and he gave her a smile.

"Jane!" she heard her father screaming. She coughed and stopped dancing like he did.

"Are you okay?" she nodded.

"Sorry, I have to go outside for fresh air. Thanks for the dance." she said and ran to outside the place.

She felt how the summer air crashed to her face. Her hair flew in the wind. There, on a balcony, she looked at the stars.  She could almost have been 'dead girl' by the alcohol she had taken. Her dad will, she know it. It was her first time drunk, she didn't even know how to pass the drink properly. She felt like the world was spinning and she hanging around with him. Jane felt the sourness go up and down her throat. But, nothing happened.

"It's everything right?" she heard a voice from the doorway. It was him. He stood in the doorway with his frown. Even though, he was still as handsome as she had seen him making his way through the crowd. She turned to him.

"Yes, everything's right"

"I don't think so"

"I'm not expecting you to do" she answered.

"Exactly!" he exclaimed. "Although, I do. Whatever. Did you take a bad shot?"


"Oh, shots? Is your world spinning?"

"Yes, if I could say it" she gave him a little smiled and she realized how the corners of his lips rose upwards.

"Is this your house? I can take you to your room" he said and he quickly hastened to add: "Of course! If you let me"

She waited and craned his neck to get to see behind him.

"Please. Thank you" He got closer to her. She put an arm around his shoulders and he put his arm around her waist to help her.

"What did you drink?" he asked once that they were going up stairs.

"Malibu, I will never drink it again" he laughed followed by her.

"That's my room!" she said pointing a wooden white door with a 'J' hanging by a thread. He walked with her hanging from him. He took the doorknob and turned letting the door open. They went inside. The room was large, with white furniture. Her bed was decorated with purple blankets and blue cushions. He left her on the bed and took off her high heels. When he looked her face again, she was with her eyes closed and her face looked so fine, so soft and he wanted to touch her face with the back of his hand. But, he didn't.

He left the room closing the door carefully behind him. 


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