As Long As We Love This Love Story

We could do everything in this world.
We can rule the world, as long as we love this love story.
Just please, love this love story like I do.



1. Jane Cannon

It's was Saturday in the morning and Jane was locked in her room, but not because she wanted, her father wanted. Her father is the kind of person who can manipulate the world with his money.

Her father, Mr. Cannon told to Jane that there would be a party at night.

"Another party" thought Jane. And she knew quickly that when her father says party, he means another social job meeting.

"I don't want you with your little dresses looking like someone that you're not!" he yelled. Jane rolled her eyes.

"Don't worry daddy, I will wear a short skirt" she smiled once she finished speaking.

"If you do it, I will not be proud of you! Do you hear me?" His father retired from the room, slamming the door behind his back.

Jane, now was laying in her bed. It was soft and helped her to lose her bad temper.

Whatever, if her dad said no little dress, she would wear it anyway.

She stood up from her bed and opened the doors from her wardrobe. She started to look some dresses. There were many different dresses. Lengthy and costly, short to the knee, colorful and, there was one who had never used. It was shiny black with a few gold at the neckline, short mid-thigh height. Her father will be angry indeed if she appears to the meeting with something like that dress. She smiled and put the clothes as they were before she came. She closed the wardrobe's doors and she went back to bed and she slept the rest of the day until evening.  

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