One Direction's New Sister

My name is Skylar Jones. I'm sixteen, and live in an orphanage. Let's just say I have a past. I got abused by my parents, at school, by the other orphans, and well everyone. I've had a few boyfriends but nothing happened, and they all used me. Well I'm what most people call 'emo'. Pierce the Veil is my favorite band, so is Sleeping with Sirens. I never thought I'd get adopted. Especially by a world-famous boy band. No other than One Direction. They all become my brothers, and are very protective. So what happens when I meet the school bad-boy? And what if a certain member from One Direction starts getting feelings? Life will get hectic living with five boys, but add love and what will happen? Find out in One Direction's New Sister.


30. The chose (last chapter)

One Direction's New Sister:

The chose


Skylar's POV:


I made my mind up. I'm going with them. The boys left for an interview after the fight between Harry and I. The rest just sat there, while he talked shit about Andy and Black Veil Brides. He called me something I never thought would come from him. He knows what I've been through.

I don't need him. Or any of them. I'm turning eighteen in a few months anyways. I run up to my room and do what I have to.


"Ready to go?" Jinxx ask me grabbing my bags.

"Yep Mama Jinxx!" I wink at him. Andy grabs me by my waist and pecks my lips.

"You sure babe?" He stares into my eyes. I nod smiling wider than I ever have.

"Yes. More than I've ever been before." We grab our bags and walk to the plane. My phone stars to blow up.

From Carrot Prince: Where the fuck r u??

From: Nialler: Wru?? Get home love

From: Lili: Babe? The boys are too!

From: Bradford Bad Boi: Sky? Come home pls!

From: Hazza: Y r u gone? Is it what I said? I'm sorry pls come home!!

And a lot more pop up. I left them a note they'll be fine..

I step on the stairs going up the plane. Here it goes.. my one in a life chance to go on tour with my boyfriend, and some of the best friends' I've ever had. Other wise known as my favorite band, Black Veil Brides.

No more One Direction in my life..


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