One Direction's New Sister

My name is Skylar Jones. I'm sixteen, and live in an orphanage. Let's just say I have a past. I got abused by my parents, at school, by the other orphans, and well everyone. I've had a few boyfriends but nothing happened, and they all used me. Well I'm what most people call 'emo'. Pierce the Veil is my favorite band, so is Sleeping with Sirens. I never thought I'd get adopted. Especially by a world-famous boy band. No other than One Direction. They all become my brothers, and are very protective. So what happens when I meet the school bad-boy? And what if a certain member from One Direction starts getting feelings? Life will get hectic living with five boys, but add love and what will happen? Find out in One Direction's New Sister.


4. First day of school

Skylar's POV:

I wake up to my alarm clock blaring. Day's the beginning of judgmental bitches staring and whisper at me. Fucking GREATT! I go to the bathroom and do my morning routine.

I decide on a black crop-top that says 'Why Not' in white letters, it goes to belly button, and ripped white jeans. I out on my black combat boots, red plugs, and my thick, black spiked bracelet.(the one that covers my past) I wear the bracelet everyday. I put in my silver lip ring, my silver nose stud.

I do my regular makeup which includes foundation, thick eyeliner on top and bottom connected,  mascara and red lipstick.

I grab my black backpack and walk downstairs. No one is up so I get an apple. Since I have ten minutes to get to school I leave. I put in my earphones and start walking on the side walk. 'Second and Sebring' by Of Mice and Men starts playing and I sing along.

By the time the song ends I'm in the school parking lot. I sigh and look around. Cheerleader, jock, slut, hipster, jock, whore, Barbie. I walk inside and walk into the office. I see a mid-thirty year old lady sitting at the desk.

"Hey umm I'm new here, names Skylar." I say to her and she finally looks up from her computer screen.

"Oh hello I'll look for you." She scrolls down. "Oh here you are! Skylar Tomlinson!" She says in a preppy voice. I nod and she give me my time table. I grab my bag and walk to my locker. I put away my stuff and walk to my first class. English. Everyone is sitting there talking. I walk up to the teacher.

"I'm new here, my names Skylar um Tomlinson." I say the last word uncertain.

He nods and says, "Hello, I'm Mr. Mike take a seat." He smiles at me. I walk to the back of the class and sit in the corner. "Clas-" Mr. Mike is interrupted by a cute boy walking in. He has brown scene hair,bright green eyes, I notice he has a few piercings too.

"Nice of you to join us Jake." The teacher says. Jake rolls his eyes and walks up to the only empty seat-next to me. "Okay, well since it's the first day back from the break you guys can talk about what you wasted a week on."

Jake turns to me. "You new here?" He ask me.

"Yep." I reply. God I can't stop staring at his eyes. They are a bright green with blue flecks.

"What's your name?"

"Skylar, I would ask you but Mr. Mike already told me." I say and he chuckles.

The rest of the class went by with us talking. We become really close, and my crush even bigger. When the bell rings we look at each others schedule.

"We have all the same classes!" He says smiling.

"Yeah! I'll know somebody." I say.

We go to all of our classes together and even eat lunch and do pe together. School end before I know it. We exchange numbers, and I hear some Barbie says "Wow the bad boy, emo wannabe finally got himself a dumb slut!"

"Ohh you got yourself a boyfriend! Wow I thought trash didn't date! Lucky you." I say sassily to her. She looks shocked and turns and runs into a pole.

Jake laughs and smiles at me. "Wow nice one Sky." He is the only person I've ever let call me Sky. "I'm going to the park with some friends later wanna come?"

"Sure," I smile and we go our separate ways. My smile never left my face even when I got home.

"Someone's happy." Louis says.

I just nod. "Oh and I like my last name, it really shocked me finding out." I go up to my room. Yeah! No homework. But I get a text.


From: Jake- Hey I'm goin 2 the park now, meet me it's @*Insert address*  xx

From: Skylar- Ok let me get ready! xx :p

From: Jake- k beautiful xx


God I hope he likes me the way I like him......


Hey marshmallows! Okay I will put the links to the outfits in the comments if you wanna see them, I will put the chapter and where they wore it. For the outfits I didn't use all the things only some and I added a few. Well bye! Hope you like the story next chapter will be about the park with Jake




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