One Direction's New Sister

My name is Skylar Jones. I'm sixteen, and live in an orphanage. Let's just say I have a past. I got abused by my parents, at school, by the other orphans, and well everyone. I've had a few boyfriends but nothing happened, and they all used me. Well I'm what most people call 'emo'. Pierce the Veil is my favorite band, so is Sleeping with Sirens. I never thought I'd get adopted. Especially by a world-famous boy band. No other than One Direction. They all become my brothers, and are very protective. So what happens when I meet the school bad-boy? And what if a certain member from One Direction starts getting feelings? Life will get hectic living with five boys, but add love and what will happen? Find out in One Direction's New Sister.


9. Award show

Skylar's POV:  (Two weeks later, went back to school and text/ talks to Jake everyday and become really close to him)

Louis already told everybody about me. The hate died down a bit. But I liked them hating, it was really funny. Tonight is the first time that I'll be showing my face on purpose though.

The boys are in their rooms getting ready. El, Dani, Per, and I are really close now. They came over to help me get dresses.

They put me in a low-cut lace beading strap dress, red stilettoes, an infinity silver diamond necklace, and silver infinity ring. They paint my nail red to match my shoes. For my makeup they did foundation, Smokey eyes, and red lipstick.

My scars are barely noticeable since I haven't done it in two weeks. So now the tabloids won't ask questions. They put my hair in a ballet bun and leave two pieces out in front, so they go down my face.

They then let me look in the mirror. WOW I actually look...pretty. It's the first time ever. The girls complement me and I thank them then they go get ready too.

When they are finished I fall in love with all the outfits. (there are pictures of the outfits in comments)

When we leave my room all the boys are downstairs. When they notice us their jaws literally fall to the ground.

"Close your mouths boys you're gonna catch flies." I laugh. They do and all the guys besides Niall and Harry grab their girlfriends arms and walk them out to the limo.

"We both are gonna escort you." Harry says grinning.

"Let's go M'lady." Niall says. They grab my arms and we walk out to the white limo.

The whole ride we were all joking like we were just hanging out at home, not going to an award show. It take thirty minutes to get there and when we do Harry and Niall grab my arms and they help me out the limo.

All I see are bright lights flashing. Us three stop and take a few pictures, and answer a few questions. I meet a lot of famous people including;

PIERCE THE VEIL!!!!!!!!!!!- I just stared at them with my mouth open until Harry had to pinch me slighty

Sleeping with Sirens-which I was silently fan-girling inside

Cher Lloyd

Ed Sheeran

Olly Murs

Black Veil Brides-eeekkkk


Ron Pope

Avril Lavigne

Bullet for My Valentine

Cold Play

Demi Lovato-silently dyeing inside


Janoskians-DEAD OMFG we even traded numbers! hehehe

Loveable Rogues

Of Mice and Men

The Used

Union J

5 seconds of Summer

and a bunch more.

When we get inside there is a hour till it starts. I get a text on my phone.


From:Jake- you look beautiful babe xx

From:Sky- how would u no? xx

From:Jake- look behind you xx


I turn around and see Jake standing at a table looking at me. I smile at him. I can't hug him because we are too far away. He mouths "Sexy" and I blush. the girls notice and ask me what happened.

"Nothing..." I say.

"Suree. Wait is that Jake over there?" El says. I nod a bit.

"AWWWWWW!" The girls say causing me to blush harder and the boys to look at us. My phone starts vibrating.


From:Jake- You do look amazing though xx

From:Skylar- You don't look too bad you're self either xx

From:Jake- Only a 'you don't look too bad you're self?' I think I deserve a 'you look hot' haha

From:Skylar- Okay you look hot happy?

From:Jake- Very ;)

From:Skylar- Shut up Jakey

From:Jake- Only one way to do that ;)

From:Skylar- the only 1 that'll happen is over txt! : *

From:Jake- Not for long babe ;)


I shake my head and glare at him.

"I have to use the bathroom." I tell El and I get up. I walk out to the hall and hear someone follow me.

"Hey babe." Jake says. He kisses my cheek. I blush.

"Hey, what cha doin here?" I ask.

"My granddad's big in the music industries." He says.

"Who is your granddad?" I ask confused.

"Simon Cowell." He says. I laugh a bit.

"God imagine what my dad would say if I told him. He'd never believe it." I giggle more.

We talk about random crap and a hour past. "Fuck, I better go back. Lou's gonna chew my head off." We both get up.

"Your head is too pretty for that so you better get going." Jake says. He leans in and so do I. Our lips touch again for the second time ever. We pull away after what feels like infinity, but was only a minute. I blush and he pecks my lips before I say bye again and walk back to my seat.

I see Lou trying to swallow El's face off. Good they didn't notice I was gone.

I smile and look down at my feet. So Jake does like me too. I blush thinking about him.

God I-I like I might love him.

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