Summer Love

I woke up and as usual I get into a fight with my step-brother. He is so rude, he drives me crazy. So I took my dog, Bailey for a walk. I wasn't watching where I was walking because I was on my phone with my best friend, Amy. I missed a step and fell down a flight of stairs, which cause me to black out. I wake up in the hospital with Niall Horan sitting next to me. What the heck is he doing in my room?!?

What will happen between Darcy and Niall? Find out in Summer Love.


2. Finding Darcy

Niall's POV

I was tired of screaming girls and people taking pictures of me. I decided to walk in a quite neighborhood. I was just thinking about the tour and how I was the only one without a girlfriend. Zyan has Perrie, Harry has Taylor, Louis has Eleanor, and Liam has Danielle, then there is me who is alone and loves food. I just want a girl who won't scream in my face. I know when I see her, my heart will melt. Out of nowhere a dog come running to me. It was barking at me, like it wanted me to follow it. So I did and it led to me to a girl on the ground with blood coming out of her head. I called 9-1-1.

"9-1-1 what's you emergency?" the caller ask.

"I was walking and a dog led me to a girl bleeding on Hickory Drive."

"Do you know this girl?"

"No, I was just walking in the neighborhood."

"Okay help is on the way but stay on the phone."


"What's your name?"

"My name is Niall Horan."

"For real?"


"Okay, Niall, can you check and see if she is breathing."

"She is on her back, should I flip her over?"

"She you should."

"Okay hold on." I put the phone of speaker, "your on speaker."

"Okay, try to flip her over now."

I was trying to flip her but she is a bit heavy. I didn't care because I was strong enough. "Okay how do I check if she is breathing." I wasn't sure how because this is my first time.

"See if her chest is rising and falling, then put your ear near her mouth and feel for air going against it." I did what the person said.

"Yes she is breathing."

"Okay great. Now we need to figure out her name." I was looking around to see what would have your name on it. I look around her and found her phone. It had Darcy on it.

"Her name is Dacry, I found her phone."

"Great. Can you hear the sirens yet?"

I was trying to listen but this dog was barking to much. "No I can't because of the dog."

"Try to get it to be quite."

I was looking for the collar for a name. It was Bailey. "Bailey, be quite." and it shut up. Now I could hear better. "Yes I can hear it now."

"Great, I'm going to hang up the phone now."

"Okay." and she did. This girl looks really beautiful. She had that perfect brown hair, and the perfect curves. I like I really like her. Help came and took her away.

"We got it from here." one of the guys said.

"Can I come with?" I asked.

"Yeah why not, your Niall Horan and my daughter will be very jealous, when I tell her about this. Could I have an autograph?" the same guy said.

"Can you please help my friend."

"Yeah of course." I can't believe some people, what they will do to just get an autograph from me. I just want to be a normal guy but I can't.

When we got to the hospital they put me in a different room from everyone else because I am famous but the doctors didn't really care who I was as long as I was hidden. I waited about 2 hours before someone notice that I was missing.

<Text from Hazza: Hey Nialler, where u at?

<Text to Hazza: I'm at the hospital with a girl that I found...kinda

<Text from Hazza: I'm on my way

<Text to Hazza: Asked one of the docs, they put me in a different room

<Text from Hazza: Got it

About 20 minutes later Harry arrived, there was so many fans in the waiting room.

"Hey man, what's going on?" he asked.

"So I was walking and this dog came up to me and like wanted me to follow it. So I did and it led me to this girl on the ground with blood coming out of her head. I called 9-1-1 and help came and stuff but when I was waiting I wanted to see her eyes because she looked perfect the way she look just laying on the ground. I really want to meet her and get to know her better. I mean I saved her life."

"Dude you basically talked for five minutes straight, you never talk like that about a girl."

"What should I do?"

"Talk to her, get to know her, I don't know bring her to the concert, well I guess if she can."

"Yeah I will invited her to our flat and see how it goes from there."

"Great idea. Well Taylor is getting jealous that I'm hanging out with my best friend over her. I will see you later?"

"Maybe, I think I'm going to stay until she wakes up."

"Okay see you soon." Harry left and I was sitting alone again. I think I fell asleep because when the doc came in he must of said my name like three times before getting my attention.

"Mr. Horan, Darcy is out of her surgery, you can wait in her room if you like. Instead of in here."

"Yeah that would be great. Can I also get food?"

"Yes I will have someone get you food."

"Thank you." I got up and followed him to Darcy's room. She was still sleeping. I sat in the chair next to her and waited for my food.

"Niall Horan, will you please open the door." I didn't open the door because I knew it was a fan. I hate how they can't leave me in peace with Darcy. I can't wait until she wakes up. Someone opened the open and I hid from them.

"Mr. Horan, it's okay I'm just a nurse that works here, but here's your food."

"Thank you!" I said in a very cheerful way.

"Could I get one autograph? Please." Why are people so dispirit?

"I guess, why not." she handed me a piece of paper and pen. I wrote my name out and handed to her. She had the biggest smile on her face. I didn't really care because I was more worried about Darcy than her. When she left I ate my food, it wasn't bad but I have eaten better. I fell asleep again when I was done.


Darcy POD

I had a dream that Jake hit me then I trip and hit my head. Then woke up in the hospital with One Direction in my room. But when I did woke up 1/5 of One Direction was in my room. I wanted to scream my head off! Niall Horan was in my hospital room! Wait why was I in the hospital and where is Bailey.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Oh your up." Niall said.

"What happen? What's going on?"
"Do you have a dog named Bailey?"

"Yeah, why?" I asked cursorily.

"Well when you were taking, him or her?"


"Okay, when you were taking him for a walk, you much of trip and hit your head. I was walking in the neighborhood and found Bailey and he led me to you."

"So you found me and help me?"

"Yeah I mean you looked like you needed it."


"Why is there a bursae on the opposite side of your head from your fall?"

That's from Jake, I wondering if they know? "Yeah that is from my step-brother. He got mad at me and he hit me. I left and took Bailey with me. I was texting my friend to see if I could stay there but I blackout."

"Lesson learned about texting and walking, right?" we both laughed. I love his laugh. It could never get old.

"Do you know about my family?" I ask

"What do you mean?"

"Like do they know that I'm here?"

"No, well I don't know, they haven't told me much."

"Oh okay."

"Well they told me at I was your closest to family I guess." This is the moment, I can finally leave Jerry and Jake.

"What does that mean?"

"Well I guess you could live with me and the guys. But it's all up to you."

"Could I bring Bailey? He is all I have from my mom."

"Of course you can, he is really nice."

"Yeah, he is the best."

"He's a black lab right?"

"Yes he is."

"I love black labs."

"Good!" I laughed and he did too. It has been over a hour, and we are still talking. I can say that I really like Niall. The doctor came in and told me that I could leave tomorrow afternoon. They wanted me to stay though the night, and see if I was stable. Niall stayed with me all night. We both fell asleep about the same time.

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