Summer Love

I woke up and as usual I get into a fight with my step-brother. He is so rude, he drives me crazy. So I took my dog, Bailey for a walk. I wasn't watching where I was walking because I was on my phone with my best friend, Amy. I missed a step and fell down a flight of stairs, which cause me to black out. I wake up in the hospital with Niall Horan sitting next to me. What the heck is he doing in my room?!?

What will happen between Darcy and Niall? Find out in Summer Love.


4. Author's note

Hey guys so I'm though old movellas and I don't remember where I was taking this story...this was from one of my dreams that I have years ago. Sorry but I'm going to delete it tomorrow or later this week. But if someone wants to help finish writing, I'm opened to anything.


Thanks :)

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