Doctor Who?

The Doctor is a new person in my life. He is so familiar but the memory of him is foggy. I have had dreams about him, never knowing exactly what or who he is. I meet him only by chance and he takes me around the universe through time and space. He is my new best friend. But one question still run through my mind... Doctor Who?


1. His New Companion

I folded the last of the clothing for the store tomorrow. I then hear a mysterious, boom. It wasn't like a bomb or anything like that. It was almost alien, intergalactic. Alien meaning foreign. I grab the store keys and slam the doors shut while locking them for the day. I look across the street and see people running and screaming towards the opposite direction of the tall business building across the street. I see that the building is intact and I'm the only one that appears to be sane. I stand there in awe as I see a silver metallic robot type 'thing' blasting people with a ray type beam making them disappear in mid air, then the beings multiplying.


"What the..." I mutter, while pulling my phone out my back pocket. I then unlock it then trying to dial 911, then being interrupted by someone grabbing my hand. He pulled me across the street, towards the beings. He grabbed my phone and put it in his pocket.

"What was that for!" I shout at the strange man.

"Look!" He yells while pointing to the silver bot, over the chaos.

"What the hell is that?" I ask, really confused, this isn't human.

"The Cybermen." He replies in his British accent.


I duck, the metal object moving towards me trying to scan me. I then realize the mans hand is still intertwined with mine. 


"Come over here." He says pulling me towards a blue police box. I thought those were used a long time ago. My thoughts churning. He pulls out a small long silver screwdriver thing, and he scans the mysterious box up and down on the doors. I feel a sharp pain in my head, ignoring it. The narrow doors pop open and he drags me inside shutting the doors behind me. He lets go of my hand, as I gasp. The inside was bigger than the inside! Who is this man? Is he a man? The pain then stops.


"Who are you?" I ask, very curious, many questions I have in mind.

"The Doctor..." He says raising his eyebrow. I walk up the stairs toward the spiral panel with many blinking lights and buttons.

"Just the Doctor?" I reply, assuming now that I'm bothering him.

"Yes." He answers. 

"What is this place, is it... Alien?" I ask yet another question.

"Yes, it is, you smart thing." He says, cupping my left cheek. 

"I guess I am, so is this a spaceship, are you an alien just like those... Cybermen, outside?" I say continuing.

"This is the TARDIS. And I am the last of my kind, I am a Timelord." He answers.


"So you travel through time, or something." I ask, still bothering him, him now pressing through a series of buttons, a distinct sound occurring. I then feel the same sharp pain and hold my head, it getting more intense. 


"Yes, through time and space." He turns and smiles at me. "What's wrong?" He continues asking with a question. 

"Nothing, so where are we going?" I reassure him with a question.

"Right before the Cybermen came, when they landed on Earth..." He says turning some nobs.

"Alrighty!" I say with a fake joyful voice. The pain becoming unbearable. 

"Hold on!" He shouts. 

We come to a stop which is a strong jolt. I rub my head the pain suddenly stopping. "Okay, so what do we do next Doctor?" I ask.




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