Doctor Who?

The Doctor is a new person in my life. He is so familiar but the memory of him is foggy. I have had dreams about him, never knowing exactly what or who he is. I meet him only by chance and he takes me around the universe through time and space. He is my new best friend. But one question still run through my mind... Doctor Who?


2. A New Adventure

I follow The Doctor out of the "TARDIS" and we are in the same place, from where we left. I look around and see that it is about a couple minutes before I heard the explosion and when I closed my shop. I turn and see that my shop is closed, and notice that the streets are as normal as ever. 


"So what is your plan?" I ask the man with the bow tie. He then grabs my hand and says "RUN" His hand intertwined with mine we run across the street to my shop, and he takes out the screwdriver thing yet again.

"What is that?" I ask blowing him with questions. 

"A sonic screwdriver, I can't believe that humans don't invent them till'  2075." He answers raising his eyebrows. 

"Is that right?" I say. 

"You need to go home, let me promise you this, if you go home right now, I'll get you five minutes after the strange explosion?" He says holding my hand tight.

I give him my address, and I run home, which is a couple streets away. "Okay, It's a deal!" I say, then dashing off.


I slow down to a stop, and enter my apartment building's lobby. I then skip to the elevator and press on the 6th floor. I enter the up one and tap my foot waiting to reach my floor. Uggh why does it take so long? I then reach my door and enter the apartment. I then hear the explosion from about 1/4 mile away. I then hear the screams and chaos.

Now I have to wait for him. I can't possible wait so I go lay down on the sofa, I wait about 10 minutes, and still no Doctor. I even turned on the Tv and soon fell asleep. 


I am somewhere new... somewhere different. I look down on the ground and see a rocky surface. I then look up and see a new atmosphere. A thought then crosses my mind. I'm on the planet Gallifrey. 

I see the blue box in a distance and then another thought comes across. This is The Doctor's home planet.

I turn and see The Doctor, signaling for me to follow him. I then go closer to him and we then meet up and he points to a now appearing brick type wall.

I read the words aloud and then I feel a shiver. "Bad Wolf" I read.

I then am running with many other Timelords and we are now battling against 'Daleks'. Time passes and The Doctor and I survive as we run towards The TARDIS and we climb into it.

He starts it up and I then black out of the picture.


I wake up with a jolt. It was The Doctor. He must of woken me up interrupting the dream. 

"How did you get into my apartment?" I ask my eyebrows curved downwards.

He then pulls out his sonic screwdriver and holds it up and points. "Sonic Screwdriver." He says in his British accent.

"Alright...?" I say confused.

"So where do you wanna go?" He asks. 

"Anywhere but here." I say sarcastically.


He then grabs my hand pulling me off the sofa. We drags me out my apartment and towards the door. We are out in the hallway and I see the blue box.


"Really, you had to morph your way on my floor?" I break the silence with sarcasm yet again.

"Yup, well by accident." He says shrugging.


We enter the tall box and he starts it up. The pain strikes again. I hold my head, the pain again being almost bearable.


"How about... New New New York?" He asks. 

"Okay... I guess." I reply my eyebrows raised in confusion. What the hell is New New New York?

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