Little Pieces

Kirsten was a typical 18 year old dating this amazing boy names Dylan. They were in love they loved each other with a passion something someone could never come between. But one day Dylan finds out he has cancer, cancer that you can't get away, cancer that will soon take him away from Kirsten. Once Dylan passes away Kirsten is broken and pushes everyone she's ever loved away. Her parents, her friends anyone. Kirsten is currently studying to become a lawyer for Dylan's sake since he wanted to be one. On Dylan's two year anniversary of being away Kirsten has to wake up and go to work she's broken and doesn't know how to react.

Until Harry Styles comes along hes that cheeky flirty guy that flirts with Kirsten a lot. Harry makes Kirsten his lawyer and demands it just so he could spend time with Kirsten.

Do you think Kirsten will push him away like everyone else or pull him closer?


6. Please stay

After dinner the boys invited me to stay and watch a movie with them. 

"Please just stay for one movie" Niall begged holding my hand. I stared at his hand on mine before I pulled away. 

"It's almost 11:30 pm I need to go home and get some sleep" I told them as they all sighed. 

"Stay in a quest room it's the weekend you don't have to get up early anyway" Liam protested as I shook my head. 

"I can't" I said as my mind lead back to Dylan.

"Please Kirsten, tomorrow we can get up and do anything you want, the boys are already starting to love you" Harry whispered into my ear sending a chill down my back. I haven't felt that way in along time. 

"Is it to much for me to stay here"I asked them watching as they shook their head. 

"You're welcome anytime babe" Niall said. I watched Harry as he gave Niall a quick glare before looking back at me. 

"So is that a yes?" Harry asked giving me the cutest smile. 

"Fine" I finally said watching as all of them smiled. 

"Want some clothes to change into?" Niall asked me. Before I could answer Harry pulled Niall away as he stood beside me.

"I could give you my clothes?"Harry asked. I thought for a second before giving him a light nod. It would be nice to change out of these clothes I have grass stains on my knees from the grave. 

I followed Harry while we entered his room. It was a average teen age boys room messy! 

Harry tossed me some clothes before he left so I could change. I stripped off my clothes putting on the sweats he gave me and a simple plain black t-shirt. 

The t-shirt smelt so nice when I slipped it over my head. It reminded me of Dylan. 

I held back my tears before Harry entered the room again wearing sweats and a blue T-shirt. 

"Thanks" I said to him avoiding making eye contact. I felt his eyes burning holes in the side of my head but I refused to look at him while a tear slipped from my eyes. 

Harry was being so nice to me even though we just met today. 

"Come here" I heard Harry's deep voice vibrate through my body. He pulled me into a hug while I sobbed into his t-shirt. 

"It's ok, I'm here" he slowly said rubbing small circles on my back. I loved when people did that it made me more calm.

I pulled away from the hug looking up at Harry who smiled at me. 

"I'm sorry, I seem to keep ruining your shirts" I said pointing to his chest that had a small wet spot. 

"It's ok, it will dry" he laughed looking he spot then smiling at me. 

"Why are you being so nice to me?" The questioned slipped out of my mouth before I could think of it.

"Because I know it's hard for you to lose someone you love, I lost my grandma that was close to me and I pushed everyone away but I keep telling myself things will get better and now that I've joined one direction and I have 4 other guys to help me through my dark days. It helps a lot, and I'm here to help you and get to know you better!" He said as I gave him a smile before giving him a hug. 

"You aren't going to cry are you?" He asked hugging me back. I giggled before pulling back. 

"I've had enough tears for one day" I said watching him as he giggled with me. 

"You have a beautiful smile" Harry said. I watched as his cheeks turned red I guess he was thinking it and didn't mean to say it out loud. 

"Thanks" I shyly said. 

This night is going better then I expected. Instead of sitting at my apartment crying on how much I miss Dylan I have some friends that can help me through it tonight and it made me feel much stronger.



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