Little Pieces

Kirsten was a typical 18 year old dating this amazing boy names Dylan. They were in love they loved each other with a passion something someone could never come between. But one day Dylan finds out he has cancer, cancer that you can't get away, cancer that will soon take him away from Kirsten. Once Dylan passes away Kirsten is broken and pushes everyone she's ever loved away. Her parents, her friends anyone. Kirsten is currently studying to become a lawyer for Dylan's sake since he wanted to be one. On Dylan's two year anniversary of being away Kirsten has to wake up and go to work she's broken and doesn't know how to react.

Until Harry Styles comes along hes that cheeky flirty guy that flirts with Kirsten a lot. Harry makes Kirsten his lawyer and demands it just so he could spend time with Kirsten.

Do you think Kirsten will push him away like everyone else or pull him closer?


22. *3 weeks later* Bahamas

*3 weeks later*

It was finally time for the boys, Natasha and I to go on our trip to Bahamas. I was beyond excited I could hardly shut an eye last night I was up tossing and turning just thinking about it.

The boys sucessfully finished their album and all their songs are amazing. I woke up with my alarm telling me it's time to get up because we're going to the airport really soon.

I looked beside me seeing a curly haired boy still fast asleep. I smiled at him before I sat up ready to go to the washroom. Before I could stand up I felt a pair of hands grab my waist pulling me back down to the bed while I squeeled. I looked up at Harry noticing him laughed while he leaned in to kiss me but I pulled back.

"Morning breathe" I plugged my nose laughing while I ran into the bathroom brushing my teeth and fixing my hair putting it up since we're going to be on a plain.

I walked out of the bathroon laying back down on the bed while Harry used the bathroom so I pulled out my phone to text Natasha but I already have a text from her.

from: Tashhha



Oh ya, I couldn't sleep at all last night I'm so tired I guess i can just sleep on the plain and waste some time see you outside xx

I set my phone back down going into my closet picking out some leggings and a big sweater to wear just something comfy for the plain. I heard Harry come out of the bathroom while he made his was over to me wrapping his hands around my waist pulling me to his front while he swayed back and forth.

Me and Harry have been really good lately, he's been staying here a lot which I really enjoy because I miss cuddling to someone at night while he pulls me close. A lot of stories have been up in magazines saying that i'm pregnant and cheating on Harry. Some fights have broke out between me and him but we always try to fix them really quickly.

I turned to face Harry giving him a little peck before smiling and walking over to our suitcases. There's 8 suitcases.

"We have a lot to carry' I sighed putting one hand on my hip while Harry laughed.

"No we don't I'll just call Paul and he can bring some people to bring them down" Harry said as I slightly nodded in agreement.

I heard him talking on the phone and slitely after a knock on the door. I stumbled over the suitcases but made it to the door opening it seeing 3 guys walk past me and to the room grabbing the suticases and walking out.

"That was fast" I said watching as they all left. Harry walked over to me putting on his shoes before walking out. I made sure all the lights were off going into each room and checking. I got into the living room shutting off the light noticing the album of me and Dylan laying open on the floor. My heart stopped when I saw the picture of me and him kissing scrached. I walked over to it taking the picture out and looking at it. It was definetly scrached. Would Harry do this?

"Kirsten come on lets go everyones waiting love" I heard Harry shout through the doorway making me jump as I quickly put the picture in my pocket and walked out locking the door.

We got to the car still with paps trying to take pictures while I hid my face as much as I could. They've been following me and Harry everywhere we go even if we're trying to hide out face they find us.

I got into the car greeting all the boys and Chloe in the back while I sat down and rested my head back before he heading off. I wanted to take the picture out of me and Dylan and look at it but Harry was right beside me and he would watch me like a hawk.

I started a conversation with Natasha that was on the other side of me while the boys laughed at something Louis said.

"You look tired" She said to me as i smirked.

"Thanks?" I laughed while she laughed along. We all started our own conversations soon enough at the airport as we all jumped out of the car helping with luggage. Thank god we only have to bring them inside and not load them on the plain.

Paps were everywhere taking pictures of ous while we tried to hide away from them but they were in every angle you look. Harry put his arm around waist pulling me closer so he didn't lose me when we walked through them with Paul and others around us.

We finally made it away from the paps and were going to load the plain. I gave the lady my ticket while she smiled and pointed for me to walk up the stairs. I smiled back walking up the stairs to see a big plain with no one on it.

Everyone else boarded the plain and took a seat somewhere.

"Plain to ourselves?" I heard Chloe ask Liam as he nodded and she kissed his cheek. I was excited to have a plain to ourselves that means we can be as loud as we want without any complains.

I sat in a seat while Harry sat beside me grabbing ahold of my hand while I looked out the window trying to not look at him right now. I was upset about the picture and why it was so scratched but I didn't want to bring it up. I rested my head on the back on the seat while Paul counted us making sure we were all there. Everyone started their own conversations while I continued to look out the window while we started to lift off in the air.

Harry's hand was still holding mine while he talked to Niall and Natasha who were righ beside us. I heard them talking about the beautiful views at the island since they've been there before.

"Don't you think Kirsten?" I heard Harry ask me as i looked at him and nodded not knowing what I was agreeing to.

"What's wrong babe you look out of it" Harry asked rubbing my thigh making me get goosebumps. His touch made my heart do flips but I also felt that way about Dylan.

"Nothing is wrong, I'm just tired" I lied giving Harry a little smile as he nodded.

"If you're really tired you can rest on my shoulder and take a nap" He offered as I gave him a little smile then rested my head on his shoulder while he kept his hand on my leg. Soon enough I felt myself doze off.

I soon woke up with someone shaking me awake. I slowly opened my eyes seeing Natasha standing in front of me shaking my shoulders.

"Leave me alone would ya" I yanked her arms away from my shoulder as I cuddled up the the seat again but I felt her shake me awake again. I opened my eyes looking at her with wide eyes.

"WHAT?" I scream while she backed up a bit. "We're here" She said opening the blinds while the sun caught my eyes while I squinted but then looked to see another small airport.

"Oh" I said giving me a little smirk as I stoof up standing there for a second so I could catch my balance before I headed to the exit. I finally walked off the plain while the warm air hit me. I walked down the stairs seeing the boys already close to the doors to go inside. I saw Harry look back and glance at me before he stopped and started to walk over to me.

I finally reached him while he stood there smiling at me. I gave him a little smile in return I didn't want him to notcie I was a bit upset so i pecked his cheek giving him a fake smile making it look like a real one.

"I thought you'd never wake up" He giggled holding out his hand while I took ahold of it.

"I was just really tired, I was so excited I got no sleep last night" I sighed while we entered the airport. Cameras flashing in every direction. Really? We just got here and we are already getting mobbed with cameras. I sighed while I smiled and waved following Harry while he made his away to the front entrance. I believe Paul already got our luggage.

I saw the boys standing outside along with 2 other girls who stayed close to Louis and Zayn. I'm guessing those girls were their girlfriends. I couldn't make out Louis's girlfriend but once I stopped Zayn's girlfriend a little part of me started to fan girl while I gripped Harry's hand. We finally made it outside where everyone was and I kept my eyes on Perrie who was standing there holding Zayn's hand. He noticed me staring and laughed while he whispered something in Perries ear before they both made their way over to me.

"Kirsten, Perrie, Perrie, Kirsten" Zayn pointed at us while I smiled letting go of Harry's hand shaking her hand while she smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Zayn tells me you're a fan" She smiled looking at Zayn then back at me. I didn't know what to say so I nodded in reply while she giggled.

"Kirsten!" I heard Louis yell. I looked at him as he waved his hand telling me to come over. I excuse myself from Zayn and Perrie quickly making my wave over to Louis who's arm was around this very pretty girl.

"Kirsten, This is Eleanor, Eleanor this is Kirsten" Louis smiled. I looked at Eleanor admiring her long brown curly hair and her amazing figure.

"Hi, nice to meet you" I smiled holding out my hand while she took it.

'You to" She gave me another smile while I looked over at Louis giving him the thumbs up that I aprove.

"So you're Harry's girlfriend?" She asked as I nodded looking back finding Harry taking some pictures with some screaming fans.

"Ok eveyone in" Paul yelled pointing inside the car. I smiled at Eleanor while she took a seat beisde me and Harry went into the back since each side of me was taken.

"So where did you come from how come I didn't see you on the plain?" I asked Eleanor starting a conversation with him while Lou talked to Liam and Chloe.

"Me and Lou were in different countrys when he asked me to come on the trip so I told him I would meet him here" She replied as I smiled. How cute.

I had small talk with Eleanor until we came upon this huge hotel making me jaw drop as I climbed out of the car. We all walked inside admiring the hudge hanging light with beautiful crystals around it making it light up the whole hallway. Paul walked up to the fron desk making sure our rooms were still here. He quickly came back handing us our room cards.

All couples were sharing a room. So that means me and Harry were together. I shot a glare to Natasha winking at her while she held onto Nialls arm. They weren't dating yet but I think he will ask her while we were on this trip. But i mean they acted like they were together already.

We all went into different elevators since we had so much bags we could only fit 2 people in an elevator. Me and Harry stuffed into the elevator clicking floor 17 and waiting until we reached it but we both stayed silent.

The bell rang telling us we have reached the floor. I grabbed ahold of as much bags as I could looking at the door numbers until coming across 56 which was our room. I looked down the hall seeing everyone at their room struggling to open their door since they have so much luggage. I opened the door reviling this huge room with a beautiful view. I dropped my luggage running to the huge window looking out it to see the ocean view causing me to smile. I looked over at Harry while he picked something off of the floor. I felt my pockets not feeling the piece of paper where mine and Dylans picture was. I looked over at Harry who glance down at it them back up at me.

'Why do you have this?" His eyes turned angry while he waited for me to reply.

"Did you try to scratch him out?" I asked him quitely. His eyes still looked angry while his fist clunched into a ball.

"You couldn't go anywhere without him could you' Harry yelled throwing the picture in my direction while he stormed out of the room slamming the door making sure I knew he was upset.

Why was he upset?


Weird chapter but it's long and it was much needed
Keep reading drama is coming.

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Thank you all x

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