Little Pieces

Kirsten was a typical 18 year old dating this amazing boy names Dylan. They were in love they loved each other with a passion something someone could never come between. But one day Dylan finds out he has cancer, cancer that you can't get away, cancer that will soon take him away from Kirsten. Once Dylan passes away Kirsten is broken and pushes everyone she's ever loved away. Her parents, her friends anyone. Kirsten is currently studying to become a lawyer for Dylan's sake since he wanted to be one. On Dylan's two year anniversary of being away Kirsten has to wake up and go to work she's broken and doesn't know how to react.

Until Harry Styles comes along hes that cheeky flirty guy that flirts with Kirsten a lot. Harry makes Kirsten his lawyer and demands it just so he could spend time with Kirsten.

Do you think Kirsten will push him away like everyone else or pull him closer?


1. 2 years of being away...

Kirsten's P.O.V

It's hard waking up in the morning knowing the person you loved the most is not laying there beside you. Having a smile appear on your face every time he opens his eyes to find you staring at him or how the way his soft lips kiss you before getting up.

Me? I had that feeling a while ago, I had my person I loved the most that I had those butterfly feelings for every time he laid eyes on me.

But that all got torn away when cancer took over and stole l the one that was suppose to be here right now holding me in my darkest moods telling me I can get through it and nothing will ever happen.

But it did, everything I didn't want to happen, happened. Now I'm sitting in my apartment alone trying to find the flowers from the dark days. But I can't.

2 years ago Dylan would be laying beside me right now holding my waist and pulling me closer to his body but instead I'm laying here alone staring at my ceiling letting my thoughts take over.

I felt a warm tear flow down my face before my alarm went off telling me to get up for work. Today wasn't going to be the best day, I haven't smiled in ages and I push everyone away that was ever close to me.

It was Dylan's 2 year anniversary of being gone. I wish I could just sit at his grave and rant on how much I wish he was here all day but I can't. I still have to pay for his apartment that use to be mine and his. I had to get up.

I whipped away the tears the spilled from my eyes before lifting my body up and stared at the floor. I'm glad I work at an office instead of a store serving people all day like a use to do.

My name is Kirsten, I'm a 20 year old student that is currently learning how to become a lawyer it was my dream to become a lawyer.

No it wasn't, it was Dylan's, before he passed away he was studying to become a lawyer and I was studying to become a therapist. But once he left I dropped everything I was doing to follow his dream.

I got up walking towards my bathroom pealing off my pyjamas before jumping in the shower. I knew I was crying in the shower from how bad I felt. I didn't really mind because I couldn't tell if I was crying or not.

I finished washing my hair and body before stopping the water and wrapping a long towel around my body before running back to my bedroom. I picked out some dress clothes before putting the on.

I was wearing all black today. Not like its a surprise I always wear black. Everyone at work seems to understand why.

I applied a little make up considering I had to look good for work before finishing straightening my hair. I looked at myself once more in the mirror giving myself a little smile before grabbing my purse with everything I need in it.

I left my apartment locking the door and heading to the elevator. Once I stepped into the elevator I was happy I was the only one in there I pulled out my phone checking it first looking at the picture of me and Dylan kissing as my lock screen. I shut it off before I began to cry.

I hope I can pull through today.



Hey guys, I know it's a short chapter but once you read it you will see that the chapters get longer.


Thanks for reading it! 

Means a lot!

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