Little Pieces

Kirsten was a typical 18 year old dating this amazing boy names Dylan. They were in love they loved each other with a passion something someone could never come between. But one day Dylan finds out he has cancer, cancer that you can't get away, cancer that will soon take him away from Kirsten. Once Dylan passes away Kirsten is broken and pushes everyone she's ever loved away. Her parents, her friends anyone. Kirsten is currently studying to become a lawyer for Dylan's sake since he wanted to be one. On Dylan's two year anniversary of being away Kirsten has to wake up and go to work she's broken and doesn't know how to react.

Until Harry Styles comes along hes that cheeky flirty guy that flirts with Kirsten a lot. Harry makes Kirsten his lawyer and demands it just so he could spend time with Kirsten.

Do you think Kirsten will push him away like everyone else or pull him closer?


15. `2 weeks later`

~2 weeks later~

It's been 2 weeks ever since that whole Harry thing happened at my parents house. I've been talking to my mom a lot trying to catch up with her as much as I could which I loved. Natasha was now living just down the hall from me, when she said see you in a week she really meant it. I enjoyed having her down the hall we talk a lot and have a bunch a sleepovers just like old times. We're just missing 2 things I mean people. 

Jason and Dylan. 

We had a group before it all went down hill and we all just stopped talking after Dylan passed but me and her were now reunited and I was happy. Her and Niall have been talking non stop ever since that party and she was happier then ever.  sometimes he would put on twitter that hes missing someone and tags her in it. I find it extremely cute even though they aren't dating I would call it a thing. 

Me and Harry have been talking here and there, I've been extremely busy with work. Every since me and Harry went to court to sue that girl I actually won it for him and ever since there I became a lawyer and trust me it was harder then I expected there was a lot of people that call and and tell me all about their problems I didn't mind it but sometimes I just needed some alone time at work like it use to be. I mean I am a young lawyer and I'm still training but things can just be to overwhelming. 

There were a lot of rumors spreading around ever since I was seen with Harry grabbing a cup of coffee. One magazine put on the front that I was pregnant. They actually put a baby bump on my stomach how disrespectful right? I've been getting some hate on twitter I've been trying my hardest to ignore it all but somethings hit me hard and I end up crying myself to sleep at night. 

But hey I should of known this would happen if I attempt to date someone that is famous but I really don't chose who I fall for and right now i'm in the mids of falling for Harry and I was kind of scared I didn't want to get hurt again I didn't want him to leave me like Dylan did. It was a scary feeling but Harry promised that he wouldn't and I believe him so tonight he's taking me out and refuses to tell me what or where we're going and I was beyond excited. 

*Knock, Knock* 

I heard someone banging on my door. I threw the dress I was going to wear on my bed heading to the door and opening it. I saw Natasha standing there with a huge bright smile on her face before she pushed pass me. 

"Happy girl" I joked around shutting the door and making my way over to the couch where she sat. 

"I am very very happy" She slightly jumped still with a bright smile on her face causing me to smile. 

"Why are you so happy?" I finally asked. She lifted up her phone for me to read it was texts between her and Niall. 

So tonight, I was thinking I would take you out on a date?~Niallerr xxx 

I would love to!! ~Tasha xxx 

Great so I'll pick you up at around 7?~Niallerr xxx 

Perfect, see you then~Tasha xxx 

I finished reading the message handing her phone back and giving her a hug. I was happy for her this is her first date with Niall and I could tell she was very excited.

"Funny, Harry's taking me out tonight to!" I excitivly said watching as her smile got even more big if that was possible but for her it was. 

"We can get ready together" She squeeled jumping from the couch and fast walking to the front door. 

"I'll go get my dress and shoes and I'll be back in a few!" She yelled before slamming the door on the way of making me jump. I laughed waiting a few minutes before she came running back in with a beautiufl black dress and some heels to match it. 

"That will look beautiful on you" I smiled admiring the dress before she smiled back at me. We walked into my room and I quickly showed her my light purple dress and she was obsessing over it. 

"This is stunning, ok on my next date with Niall you have to let me borrow it" She yelled. "If you have another date with Niall" I corrected her as she rolled her eyes. 


We spent the next hour getting dressed and doing our hair and make up before hearing knocks on the door. 

"Did you tell Niall to pick you up here?" I asked her watching as she nodded and looked at herself once more before running over to the door I followed close behind her. She opened the door seeing Niall standing there while flowers covered his face. How cute. He gave a a smile I happily returned before stepping in. 

"You girls look lovely" He said causing me to smile I look over at Natasha who suddently started to look nervous I gave her an 'it's ok look' before she slowly nodded to me. 

"Date with Harry?" He asked as I nodded. It wasn't our first one we had one a week ago and it went perfect we went to the movies with no one noticing who were were and then we took a walk to the park late at night and then we cuddled and watched movies and it couldn't have been more perfect. 

"Shall we go?" Niall looked over at Natasha who was holding the flowers. He held out his hand while she grabbed ahold of it. 

"Get my girl back before 12 Horan" I warned giving him a smile before the left. I grabbed my purse from my bedroom bringing it into the living room before sitting on the couch waiting for Harry. I played on my phone decided to check twitter. 

@Harry_Styles: So excited to see the most beautiful girl tonight @kirstenbrosse 
(A/N: I made up that twitter so don't go looking for it) 

I smiled at the tweet before scrolling down to see the comments I knew it was going to be a bad idea. 

"@lealovesharry: Have fun!!!!! @Harry_Styles @kirstenbrosse' 

Well atleast that one was nice I decided to look through some more. 

@1Dlover: Seriously Harry? I don't think beautiful is the right word....... @Harry_Styles @kirstenbrosse " 

Now that one stung a bit. The thoughts were washed away when I heard a knock on the door I instantly jumped up walking as fast I could to the door since I was wearing heels. I opened it seeing Harry standing there holding one beautiful flower in his hand quickly giving it to me. 

"You look amazing" He kissed my head before stepping in. I shut the door behind him quickly getting a vase for this beautiful flower. My weaknesses were flowers if a boy gave me a flower I will become your best friend in a heart beat. 

I walked back to where Harry was standing before I grabbed my purse and stared at him. 

"Ready to go?" He asked grabbing my hand while I quickly nodded. I shut off all the lights in the house before locking my door and heading to the elevator with Harry. We stepped in and we stayed silent until we reached the floor. The doors opened and there were flashes coming out of everywhere along with screaming girls trying to get to Harry. 

"How did they find us?" I screamed to him through the screams. 

'I don't know maybe I got followed here?" He screamed back smiling for some pictures. I grabbed Harry's hand quickly bringing him back into the elevator and closing the doors before anyone could come in. 

"I'm sorry" Harry frowned looking at me. I was kind of upset but I get it. You get followed when you're famous I shouldn't be mad at him for something that he can't control. 

"No it's ok, I guess we will just have to have a date and a home cooked meal at my apartment" I grabbed his hand giving him a real smile before putting my head on his shoulder. 

"Good because thats my ideal of a good date" He chuckled before we stepped out onto my floor. 

Maybe staying in won't be such a bad date? 




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I feel bad for Kirsten
And for Harry because this would probably happen in real life to. 

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