I'm not saying it was your fault,
Although you could've done more,
Oh you're so naive yes so,
How could this be done?
For such a smiling sweetheart,
Oh such a sweet and pretty face.
It's such an ugly world for something so beautiful.
Ill die everytime I look inside.
- The Kooks

Olivia Cline is an average girl wizard. She sits with her friends at the Griffindor table. And is bullied by Draco Malfoy. She's just a pathetic mudblood to him and he's just her bully. But will they ever feel more?


3. Why do I do that?

Olivia's P.O.V
I didn't actually go to hogsmeade. I went to the library. Sometimes I don't know what possesses me to do stuff. I spent the whole afternoon in the corner of the library with my iPod. I wasn't supposed to bring muggle stuff to school, but I didn't care. I put on this artist I found during the summer. Her name is Lana Del Rey. I much preferred muggle music and clothes rather then what we listen to and wear here at Hogwarts. I put on the song born to die. I closed my eyes tight and let the lyrics sound out.

Feet don't fail me now
Take me to the finish line 
All my heart it breaks every step that I take
But I'm hoping that the gates 
They'll tell me you're mine

My tight eyelids let a few tears slip out 
I couldn't think straight. Why do I do things like that? I FUCKING HATE MALFOY! He's bullied since the first day of school when I was 13. Knowing me ill probably make it worse by doing something like that again or ill just ignore him. I sulked back to the common room and snuck inside my bedroom. I grabbed my sketchbook and a pencil. I needed to release my worries and pains. I let my mind reel and I almost subconsciously started drawing something I wasn't even aware of. I stopped for a minute to go to the common room I needed to get my coloring pencils. I walked out and just sat on the long couch and kept drawing. I let my mind go for what only seemed like half an hour. I looked up and realized it was 5:00. I had been drawing for 4hrs! Dinner was at 5:30 I ran to the bathroom and locked both doors so Malfoy couldn't get in. I put on my basic make up and then put on a thick line of eye liner and mascara to accent my chocolate brown eyes. I flat ironed my hair that is usually extremely curly and frizzy now looked smooth and sleek. I put on some dark purple lipstick and my robes but kept top two buttons undone and ran to the dining hall. I stopped at a mirror before walking in and smoothed down my hair. I walked in and everyone was already eating. I got lots of looks from males. Even Malfoy was looking. As I walked past a couple pervy Slytherins wolf whistled at me. I shot them a menacing glare. I shot down beside Harry and he gave me a look. "I don't like the way everybody is staring at you. They could be plotting to rape you!" He said. I laughed. Ginny turned and smiled. "Damn girl! You look great!" I laughed and gave Ginny my best sexy wink. We just sat there and ate with our usual chitchat. Until Seamus came up to me and sat down on the other side of me. "Hey Seamus how's it going?" I smiled politely. "Great. You look amazing! I feel terrible for noticing before, but you are beautiful." He said smiling. I felt a blush creep to my cheeks. Suddenly it was time to proceed back to our common rooms. "Night." Seamus said shyly. I giggled and kissed his cheek. I walked with Ginny and Hermione. "So you and Seamus huh?" They pryed. I smiled. "I think I might like him. He's really cute and sweet and... I don't know! He makes me feel special!" I squealed. We parted ways and I skipped all the way to my common room. I walked in and realized my sketchbook was on the couch. My sketchbook is the equivalent to a diary for me. And now Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini were sitting on the couch with at least two thousand copies of my personal drawings.

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