I'm not saying it was your fault,
Although you could've done more,
Oh you're so naive yes so,
How could this be done?
For such a smiling sweetheart,
Oh such a sweet and pretty face.
It's such an ugly world for something so beautiful.
Ill die everytime I look inside.
- The Kooks

Olivia Cline is an average girl wizard. She sits with her friends at the Griffindor table. And is bullied by Draco Malfoy. She's just a pathetic mudblood to him and he's just her bully. But will they ever feel more?


24. Starry Night

The past two weeks have been so strange. Draco and I act indifferent towards each other most 90% of the time and other ten percent is when were going out and have to be civil. Nothing has happened between since that night. I on the other hand have been progressing rapidly in size. I went to having slightly noticeable bump to a VERY noticeable bump. I can't even walk into Diagon Alley without having some ex Hogwarts student freak out and ask me all about it. Surprisingly a certain Rita Skeeter has not published that Draco is the father. Probably because no one else knows but my family. "I'm back." Draco said as he entered the house from a long day at work. I greeted him and returned to my reading as he walked in while loosening his tie. It was a sight to behold. I felt a knot clench in my stomach and quickly shook away the foolish feeling. "What are you reading?" He inquired while sitting down beside me. "It's a book with baby name ideas." I said while showing the cover. He made a face. "Why would you need that? It's a tradition in my family to name your children after stars and constellations. I intend to keep this tradition going." Draco replied. "Well I like the name Astrid and Iris for a girl and for a boy I like the names Evan and Finnegan." I sighed. "Muggle names?" He asked disgustedly. I rolled my eyes. "Our son will not be named Evan or Finnegan." He sneered. I crossed my arms stiffly. "How do you know it won't be our daughter?" I asked. He rolled his eyes imitating me. I stood up stiffly and walked to the kitchen. "What are you doing?" Draco asked. "I'm making dinner." I said. He nodded and left the room. I proceeded to start chopping up the vegetables. The doorbell rang and I walked out to get it. I opened the door to find Seamus Finnegan standing outside. "Seamus? What can I do for you?" I asked. "Well you still owe me that date. And I was hoping I could cash that in now?" He said smiling lopsidedly. I bit my lip. "Um..." Just then Draco walked out and saw Seamus. I saw him smirk. He walked over to me and wrapped an arm around my waist and then kissed me softly. He smiled at Seamus. "Hey mate. Can we help you with something?" He asked. "Really? Him again?" Seamus growled. "Seamus please just go." I said. Seamus trudged away loudly. I closed the door and pushed Draco off me. "What the fuck was that?" I yelled. "I was protecting you!" He screamed back. "Really? From what? Seamus Finnegan?!?" I screamed. He came closer. "I didn't like the way he was looking at you." He growled. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "Only I can look at you like that." He said possessively. He grabbed my cheeks and aggressively kissed me. He bit my bottom lip and pulled it closer to mine in a heated frenzy. I pulled away and he just held me there for a while. "Stars and Constellations. Got it." I laughed. And for the first time in a long time he smiled back.

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