I'm not saying it was your fault,
Although you could've done more,
Oh you're so naive yes so,
How could this be done?
For such a smiling sweetheart,
Oh such a sweet and pretty face.
It's such an ugly world for something so beautiful.
Ill die everytime I look inside.
- The Kooks

Olivia Cline is an average girl wizard. She sits with her friends at the Griffindor table. And is bullied by Draco Malfoy. She's just a pathetic mudblood to him and he's just her bully. But will they ever feel more?


10. I know you want me.



Olivia's P.O.V

"Is this some kind of joke? What the fuck are you doing here?" I demanded. "Waiting to be tutored by you. So hurry up so we can get this over with." He spat. I sat down at the table along with Draco. I started showing him some simple charms and asked him to practice Colloportus the locking curse. I went to the take out my books quickly before checking Draco's progress. I made my way to Madame Pince's desk and took them out. Madame Pince said that I was to lock the library when I was done tutoring. She left. I turned around and saw Draco there. "Holy shit! Why did you scare me like that." I cried. Draco said nothing. He pointed his wand at the library doors and spoke Colloportus. Then he cast Silencio on the doors. "Good work. Now If you let my unlock the doors and leave that'd be great." I said with a sickly sweet voice. He put his arms around my waist softly much unlike how he had before. " I know you want me. I've seen the way you look." He whispered. I stood motionless. "Come on." He persuaded while nipping at my ear lobe. "Kiss me." I said finally. It's official I've gone mad. I kissed him passionately. I. Kissed. Draco. Malfoy!!!! He picked me up he so had me sitting on the librarians desk with my legs spread so he could stand between them. I fumbled with buttons on his white shirt and his tie. I undid them as he did the same to me. He broke the kiss and I felt my disappointment rise. He removed me shirt and I was only left in my bra and the bottom half of my uniform. He had no shirt on revealing his toned muscles. We kissed again harder. Until we heard a loud bang on the door. 

I raced around to find my shirt quickly got dressed as did Malfoy. We left the library as soon as possible. It was Madame Pince getting her quills. We raced back to the common room as fast humanly possible. We opened the door to the common room and walked inside. I put down my things and I felt a pair of hands rip open my shirt. He kissed down my neck and I moaned. "I knew you wanted me." He said. I broke the kiss to put my shirt back on. "What are you doing." He asked breathlessly. "We shouldn't be doing this. You're with Pansy." I said quickly. He resumed kissing me down my neck. "Come on. Just one night." He groaned in my ear. I felt the heat starting to pool in my underwear. Two can play at that game Malfoy. I traced his jaw seductively with my lips and I saw his arousal grow inside his trousers. "Two can play at this game babe." I whispered in his ear. "And so far it looks like I'm winning." I said and with that I went up to bed. I swayed my hips as I walked because I knew he was looking. I went to bed that night smiling to myself.

The morning I woke up early. Thank Merlin. I put on my uniform but I put on the skirt that had slightly shrunk in the dryer and left the two buttons of my shirt undone. This will give Malfoy something to talk about. I went to the bathroom to do my makeup and brush my teeth. I left the common room quickly and went to breakfast. I walked in and swayed my hips went I saw Malfoy. When no one was looking I winked. He looked surprised. I went and sat at the prefect table beside Harry. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked. "I'm trying a new look." I said. "You look like a slag!" Harry said. "Harry James Potter!" Ginny scolded. "Sorry. I just don't like that everybody is going to be all over you. You're my little sister." He said defensively. "Even MALFOY looks like he wants a crack at you!" He pleaded. I looked around at him to him staring with pure lust and hunger in his eyes. I smirked. I very out of character thing for me to do. I finished my breakfast quickly and left to go to history with Professor Binns. I arrived shortly before the rest of the class. "Now today we will be starting a project on the goblin rebellion." You will be assigned a partner." The whole class groaned. "Hermione Granger and Blaise Zabini. Harry Potter and Cho Chang. (I know Cho Chang is a year older than Harry and the gang but for the sake of this she's not.) Ron Weasley and Pansy Parkinson Olivia Cline and Draco Malfoy." I sulked over to sit beside Draco and start our project. "Before we get started I must teach the final chapter of this lesson." This earned another groan from the class. Professor Binns started to talk and I was listening. When I felt a hand rest on my thigh. (It's bout to sexual. I warn you like REALLY SEXUAL) I knew it was Draco. I ignored him. His hand slid to my inner thigh and I clamped my thighs shut. He separated them and started playing with my outer folds. I sucked in my breath and gave him a pleading gaze to stop. He plunged a finger into my core and he could feel how wet I was. I tried to concentrate on the lesson. But Malfoy plunged a second finger into me. I was close to cumming right there in class. He started to pump his fingers. I suddenly raised my hand. "Professor I'm not feeling well. I think I need to go see Madame Pomfrey." He asked Draco to escort me. The minute the door was closed I pushed him into the nearest bathroom. He pushed me onto the counter and spread my legs. He removed my panties and plunged his fingers inside of me. I moaned loudly. "Silencio" he muttered. Looks like someone is paying attention to their charms tutor. He pumped in and out. He hit my g spot and I screamed in pleasure. "Malfoy. I'm gonna cum!" I screamed. He pull his fingers out and substituted with his tongue. His tongue flicked in and out fast. "I'm cumming!" I yelled and my juices splashed inside his mouth and on the inside of my thighs. Feeling the absence of his mouth. I shoved my fingers inside as fast and as hard as I could. Draco looked amazed and soon slid his hands down his pants to jack off. "Oh Draco." I said as I pumped. My fingers were soaked with my juices. I removed my fingers and pulled out his length. I laid him on the ground his dick straight up. I stood my pussy over his face and got on my knees. I swirled my tongue around the tip. I suddenly took it in my mouth while fondling his balls. He pushed me down on his face while he sucked my pussy. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. I sat down on Draco's cock fast. He moaned. I rode him and slammed down on his cock everytime. I muttered the contraceptive charm and we both came. I stood up and got redressed. I made my self look less disheveled and helped Malfoy up. "Draco? What is this? What are we." I asked. He smirked "We are nothing you were nothing but a good shag when I needed it." I didn't know what to say. "Well Malfoy I'm going to have to remove fifty points from Slytherin for inappropriate behavior." I said.  I went to the common room and fell asleep. 

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