I'm not saying it was your fault,
Although you could've done more,
Oh you're so naive yes so,
How could this be done?
For such a smiling sweetheart,
Oh such a sweet and pretty face.
It's such an ugly world for something so beautiful.
Ill die everytime I look inside.
- The Kooks

Olivia Cline is an average girl wizard. She sits with her friends at the Griffindor table. And is bullied by Draco Malfoy. She's just a pathetic mudblood to him and he's just her bully. But will they ever feel more?


6. Hogsmeade Part Two

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Olivia's P.O.V
I just stared at them. Before I could act Malfoy was punching back. I couldn't take it anymore, and I just left. I walked past Zonkos and Honeydukes all the way to Hogwarts. I needed to clear my head so I went to the library with my iPod. I sat in the corner of library. (Not in which Draco and I had kissed.) I sat in the window seat between bookshelves. I put both headphones and blasted the music. What the hell am I doing? I should be enjoying myself not beating myself over everything and letting Malfoy abuse my soul. I needed to break out of my shell. If I'm just a dumb slut to Draco that's what I was going to be. "Olivia?" Harry said intruding my thought. "Hi Harry." I said quietly. "Harry I need your help." I said. He looked confused. "Since when have you ever needed my help love?" He asked with an eyebrow arched. "Umm before I help you Liv... There's something you should know." He said twiddling his thumbs.  I looked at him strangely. "Malfoy said you were going to the Halloween ball with him..?" Harry asked. My mouth hung open. "Trust me Harry im not going anywhere with that git." I sneered. I asked him to get Seamus for me. He kissed the top of my forehead in a brotherly way and left. Shortly after that an angry Seamus walked up to me. "Hi." I said timidly. "What the bloody hell was that?" He asked impatiently. "Seamus! You have to believe me I would never go to the dance with Malfoy!" I said in utter disgust. "Why would he make that up? He hates you!" Seamus yelled. "I know he does!" I said. "I song know if this is going to work." Seamus said turning away. "Seamus please!" I said but he had already left. I collapsed onto my knees and cried. But only for about five minutes until my sadness turned to anger. I stood up and stormed up to my common room to find Draco sitting on the couch. I walked up to him and punched him straight in the nose. "What the fuck Cline?" He asked. "What not mudblood? Not bitch? YOU FUCKING RUINED EVERYTHING DRACO! I HAD AN AMAZING BOYFRIEND WHO ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT ME, NOW EVERYBODY THINKS IM A SLAG WHO CHEATED ON HIM WITH YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY!" I said through my tears. I stood there for a minute waiting for him to say something. He smirked. "You called me Draco." He stated. I sigh angrily and stormed off. I slammed my door and curled up in bed. I'm going to be the laughing stock/whore of the school.

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