Does Friend Have An End?

Kate and Lauren have been the best of friends since.. forever... but when they both find love theyre friendship slowly drifts apart... will they regain theyre friendship or will they continue to carry on with the way things are? (12+)



kate's pov:)


"If i was your boyfriend" came blasting out of laurens phone  as she danced over to it. "Ehm hi dad"she said nervously. Then all of a sudden i hear screaming and thumping off the ground she must be jumping.. I walk suspiciousily into the kitchen as she ran to me with full speed. I quickly jump out of the way as she goes headfirst into the door. Lauren quickly stands up and brushes herself down. "So what was all that about " I asked. "well"... Lauren started "my dad got me and you tickets to see JUSTIN BIEBER AND ONE DIRECTION TOGETHER IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" we both screamed hysterically. "ive more" lauren said. "WE GET TO MEET THEM"Lauren screamed. Im now on the floor crying hysterically:'(


"okay girls give it up for JUSTIIIIIIIINNNN" niall shouts. I am now crying so bad that i cant breathe. I look to my left and Lauren is going to die, you can see it in her face.. She can no longer breathe. Just then Justin pops out of the floor.. after singing loads of songs he stops.. "ok.... now for my one less lonely girl.. ehh shes been a belieber since the start.. her tweets make me laugh.. and when i look on her instagram her pctures make me blush because i know she knows that even though i dont know her i love her.. so please give a warm irish/canadian welcome to...................................."


Laurens pov:3 LAUREN SULLLLLIVANNNNNNNNNN. My heart droped my body froze i couldnt breathe speak or move i was shocked."EARTH TO LAUREN" kate casualy scremed in my face while also waving her hands. I look at her and then at Justin!! He has noticed me WOW. I fwwl someone pull at my arm its Allison. "Well Ehm iif you didnt notice you are hte one less lonely girl"she saiid sarcastically. "Oh yeah" I replied. We make our way towards backstage my stomach full of butterfltys(not literally). We get to the stage door.. It slowly opens as two dancers come and take either arm and lead me to where i had to go. I look to my right to see Justin with a smile from ear to ear. I got lead to a wooden brown bar stool. I took a seat while Justin started...... How many i told find start over and shoulders have you cried on before................THERES GONNA BE ONE LESS LONELY GIRL Justin finishes as im ballng my eyes out into my red roses:')



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