Does Friend Have An End?

Kate and Lauren have been the best of friends since.. forever... but when they both find love theyre friendship slowly drifts apart... will they regain theyre friendship or will they continue to carry on with the way things are? (12+)


2. meet and greet with a twist

Kates pov


Im now walking towards backstage.. i grab my pass out of my bag and show it to them.. they let me in and tears fill my eyes as One Direction is standing in front of me.. i break down in tears as niall walks over to me.. "hello" he said. "hello" i choked out. "are you ok?" he asks worringly.. "yeah.. its just youre my idol and i love you so much!!" i said wiping my tears away. he puts his arms out and i hug him.. I GOT A HOORRAANN HHUUGGG!!! he kisses my head and i go meet the rest of the boys. lauren is chatting up justin and all seems to be going well.. i walk up to niall and say "i love you" he looks at me and smiles. "ive never felt this way about a directioner before.." he blushed. he shook my hand and slipped something into it. i look and its NIALL  TIMOTHY JAMES  HORANS PHONE NUMBER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i look at him and hes doing the 'call me' sign and rapewinking me.

Laurens pov

I look to my right and see kate haviing a mental breakdown.. surprise surprise! Alls going well with Justin he was telling me the story about how he found me:) i cried when he told me. its about time to go cause all i hear is kates ringtone "BANANNNNNA PATAAATOOOE"( "I better go" I tell Justin. "Bye" Justin said as he hugged me and slipped something in my back jean pocket. I quickly jog off to kate and take it out when justin isnt looking and ITS HIS  NUMBER:O." OH MY BIEBER" I mentally scream. Kate introduces me to the rest of the boys and we talk for about 15 miins its time for them to go so kate gives loui zayn liam and harry a hug i look to niall and he has the most jealous look on his face. Kate goes to give niall a hug and iinstead of giving her a hug niall full front snogged her infront of us all. I stand there quite awkwardly. "Kate come on im freezing" i awkwardly shout at her. Their pull away as i giive all the boys a hug. We start walking to leave when someone pulls at my arm i turn around its Justin. We start taling while kate casually runs back over to Niall. Justin puts his arm over my shouldr and says "i hear your cold". "Who wouldnt be" i sarcasticallly say. Justin pulls his purple hoodie over his head "here". "OMG are u sure"I say. "yes sure its an excuse to ssee you again". Oh "Thanks" i say blushing. I look over to kate and she snogging Niall AGAIN." KATE IM GOING TO NANDOS WITHOUT YOU"I Shout. She quickly pulled away and ran after me "BYE GUYS" we screamed.

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