Bye, mom.. Hello Zayn

My mom was somewhere, I know she is still alive. But apparently, my mom isn't the only one with this man, that kidnapped her. But when I get offered to stay with a police officer until my mother is found. Do I meet the guy of my dreams?


2. The Police Coming

I crawl to the door and open it.

"Someone call 911?" The officer asks.

"I did.."

"What happened?"

"My mom- She's gone. There is blood all over, and a window is broken."

I try to stay calm as the officer walks in. They rush to the bedroom, and start taking pictures.

"Whats going to happen to me while my mom is gone?" I ask desperately. One of the officers turn around.

"We will have a conferance and discuss everything tomorrow, until then, stay here. But your mothers room is blocked."

I nod weakly, sit on a chair in the kitchem. The police leave after twenty minutes of investigation. Its really quiet'after they leave. I walk to the couch and clutch a blanket close to me. The rest of the night, my house is filled with cries.

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