Bye, mom.. Hello Zayn

My mom was somewhere, I know she is still alive. But apparently, my mom isn't the only one with this man, that kidnapped her. But when I get offered to stay with a police officer until my mother is found. Do I meet the guy of my dreams?


1. Gone

My head shot up from my pillow. I turn on my bedside lamp. 

"Just a nightmare, a nightmare..." I mutter.

I look at the clock and its 1:46 am. 

My nightmare was about my mom. Shes the only person I have in my life. My dad left two years ago, and my best friend betrayed me. My head flops back down on the pillow. 


I hear my mom scream, and I rush downstairs, but I trip and fall, and land on my back.

"Mom, I'm coming!" 

"Zanika! Help me!"

I hear glass shatter as I grab the phone and dial 911.

"Hello, 911?"

"Yes what is your emergancy?" 

"My mom, someones taking her!" 

"Help will be on the way."

As I enter my moms bedroom, I drop the phone. The window is shattered, I see blood everywhere. My knees give out, and I fall to the ground. I start to cry, as I hear a knock on the door.

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