Bye, mom.. Hello Zayn

My mom was somewhere, I know she is still alive. But apparently, my mom isn't the only one with this man, that kidnapped her. But when I get offered to stay with a police officer until my mother is found. Do I meet the guy of my dreams?


4. A cute boy

The police officer and I are the only ones left in the room.

"So. I guess you want to see your temporary home." He smiles. "Lets go."

We are driving to his house in an old, blue, station wagon.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, I have a son. He actually goes to your school."


Great. Just great. A high school boy, probably stuck up, or a football player. Just my luck. 

We arrive at the house. It's a pretty yellow color, with white windows and doors. It's huge, comparing from outside. The lawn is nice, with flowers growing in rows. Nice, cut, grass. Landscaped bushes. This house reminds me of my childhood. My nice, good, childhood. When I had my dad. Now he's somewhere, probably getting drunk, on the streets. 

"My son's name is Zayn." He unlocks the door. "Zayn Malik actually. He's in an amateur band."

*One Direction not Famous.*

We walk in the house, and a very cute boy is playing a guitar extremely loud. 

"Zayn turn it off real quick." 

I hold my ears from the noise. 

"What?" Zayn says. 

He looks over at me, and I smile. 

"Zayn, this is Zanika, Zanika, this is Zayn." 

He half-smiles, and shakes my hand.

"Nice to meet you."

"You too."

I have my things with me in a suitcase.

"Oh! Zanika, there is a spare bedroom upstairs. Zayn will you show her?" 

He nods his head, and we walk upstairs.

"Here it is." He tells me with a cute, british, accent. 

"Thank you." I smile.

He winks at me and closes the door. Did he just wink at me? He did. I smile. 

Maybe this won't be so bad. ;D

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