(This is a sequel to Red Hero.) "It's not who you are underneath. But what you do that defines you."- Batman Begins.
Yes. He's back. He wants revenge. No Not Phobos. But one of Cassie's past that messed everything up for the future. Not only Cassie's life is at risk but Shianne's as well. When he catches her scent. It's all hell that breaks down. She needs her protector.


8. I wanna know

Shianne's POV: We left Australia around 5:00 PM. We didn't get home til 1 in the morning. I was so tired. I was dropped off at my house and without changing, I just ran right into bed. I was so tired.

Liam's POV: After I dropped Shianne off at home, I drove right back to the house. I was getting to the bottom of this. I don't know why Cassie didn't just tell me about Niall. I drove up the driveway and parked the car. I walked right in to the house and saw her sitting on the couch. I took her arm and pulled her outside on to the deck. "What?"She asked. "Why didn't you just tell me!"I yelled. We already grew a crowd from everyone inside. "Tell you what?"She asked. "Why didn't you say anything about Niall!"I yelled again. "Whoa Liam calm down. I'm sure this would be easier if you talked quietly."Paul said. I looked at Cassie who already sped off into the woods. I growled and kicked the side of the house. I sped off right behind her. Where the hell was she going? I stopped dead in my tracks. She crossed the line. Literally. She jumped over the wide gap and entered the wolf territory. Mariah came out of nowhere and sped off along with her. You've got to be kidding me. I heard a snap of a sound on my way back. Who the hell is that?

Cassie's POV: Mariah and I stopped at her house. She transformed back into wolf and came inside. She went to the fridge and pulled out a soda. "Alright Mariah. Why would tell him?"I asked. "I didn't. He read my mind."She answered. Ugh him and his mind tricks. "Well when are we going to get Niall?"She asked. "When I have a plan. I mean at least that's was Spencer said."I told her. She nodded in reply then walked into the living room. I followed her and she woke up Zayn telling him to get his ass upstairs. He rolled off the couch and got up slowly. He made his way upstairs while knocking some things over on the way. She sat down on the couch and offered me to sit as well. I did as so and she flicked on her T.V. We were watching Spongebob when the news flicked on. Wild "creatures" were attacking men in the CSY1 club last night. Then again tonight. They showed us pictures of the bites that were left on them. I gasped. Well it certainly wasn't any of us. Did Lindsay literally come back again? "Moi I'm sorry but I need to go."I said getting up. I ran back to the house. Liam wasn't there. He's probably with Shianne. I sighed in relief though because I did not want to deal with him. I ran into Paul's office where he was working. "Cassie you know you have to knock first."He said. "Yea yea whatever anyway I was watching Spongebob when the news came up. Paul there's vampires attacking in Heatherfield. They killed all sorts of men at CSY1 last night. Then again tonight."I told him. He took out his laptop and did his research. "I'll have to get to the bottom of this."He said. I nodded and went back to the others. "Cassie any idea where Liam might be?"Harry asked. I shook my head. So he pulled out his phone and dialed his number. There was a ringing coming from the coffee table. Dumbass, left his phone here. "Hold on I'll run to Shianne's to see if he's there."Alley said. "I'll come with you."Katelyn said. "So will I."I said. We ran out to Shianne's house. We opened the door. It didn't smell right in here. Was someone here? We ran in to her room. She was gone. "What if she was kidnapped?"Alley asked. Then I had a vision: Her and Liam were tied to separate trees. I couldn't see who was talking to them. And his voice was deep. Like he was hiding it from me.:(end of vision.) "Alley your right. She was. So was Liam. We have to find them."I said.We ran around the woods until I could hear several screams of "no." coming from the meadow. We raced there and hide so they wouldn't see us. They tied Shianne and Liam across from each other. Liam mouthing an "I'm sorry." to her. The man was gone and it was just....Mason. I walked over to them. "Mason?"I asked. He turned and smiled. "What the hell are you doing?"I asked. "Keeping charge of the prisoners."He said turning back around. "Umm no. Let them free. Come on Mason. I know you already got Niall. Your really going to take them?"I asked. He sighed and untied them both. Shianne ran into Liam's arms. "OK for now on be as protective as you want."She said. "I have to go. I'll just say they escaped."Masons said and he sped off. I shook my head. I still don't know why he was there. When he should be with someone else. "Wait Mason!"I shouted. He turned back around. "The attacks in Heatherfield?"I asked. "We got hungry."He said. "Who's we?"I asked. "Me and uh no one you need to know of."He said zooming off. I looked back at Liam. "Did he think of who it was?"I asked. He shook his head. Of course. How come I can't see this person? "Well in my vision there was guy in a black robe."I started. "That was Mason."Liam finished. "Are you still mad at me?"I asked. He nodded. "But I'm to confused to question you right now."He said. He took Shianne in his arms and sped off. I looked at Alley and Katelyn. They just shrug there shoulders and we ran back to the house. I need a plan. This has gone to far. 

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