(This is a sequel to Red Hero.) "It's not who you are underneath. But what you do that defines you."- Batman Begins.
Yes. He's back. He wants revenge. No Not Phobos. But one of Cassie's past that messed everything up for the future. Not only Cassie's life is at risk but Shianne's as well. When he catches her scent. It's all hell that breaks down. She needs her protector.


2. Finally some peace and. Oh fuck no!

Cassie's POV: That was the longest hunting trip ever. I mean it was almost like a fucking vacation more than a hunting trip. I laid down on my bed and turned on my T.V. I watched some spongebob and laughed my ass off when Patrick started making up wumbo. This my friend is my life. I love spongebob to much. I went downstairs to see if Alley,Katelyn and Bern would like to go out shopping when she arrived. She was all over Niall and Bern of course couldn't really do anything. She was pleading about how she wanted him back and about how sorry she was for leaving him. She looked at me and glared. "Ew it's Liam's Devil Child."She growled. I'm about to knock this bitch out. "Get the fuck out of my house."I snapped. Harry walked in and saw what was going on. She immediately went to Harry and started rubbing on him. "I love you Harry. Remember that."She whispered and placed her lips on his cheek gently. My tension exploded. "Lindsay your fucking dead!"I ran after her and pushed her against the wall. I punched her constantly and threw her to the ground. "Yea Cassie beat the living shit out of her!"Harry and Niall cheered me on. "What the heck is going on?"I heard Liam say. "Lindsay's back."Niall said. "Oh well. CASSIE KICK HER ASS!"Liam screamed. That was the first time I heard Liam curse. That's how much he hates Lindsay. I threw her out the back door and she got up instantly. She ran and threw me across the yard. "Oh that's it!"Harry screamed. Lindsay grabbed him by his neck and slammed him to the ground. "Harry!"I screamed. I ran after her my eyes turning green. I was held back by someone. Liam's eyes widened. What the hell was going on?! "Lindsay I told you not to come here and intrude." Was that Mason? I looked up and saw him standing there comforting Lindsay. Mason was my old guy friend. We were close until Lindsay came into the picture. She destroyed him and turned him against me. Then she met Niall and used him. The did the same with Harry before we dated. He loved Lindsay and turned her so she could be with him. Then dumped Harry and used Liam next. After a while she turned Mason. Ever since then, Her and Mason were in love. It made me sick. I swore I would kill her eventually. But I guess my plans were being paused. "Let me go!"I ordered. "No."It was Tony. Him and Mason were close. Like brothers almost. "Thats it."I flipped Tony and forced him off me. "Cassie knock it off."Mason's deep voice made me want to hug him. I miss my Mason. He was my brother from another mother. I was his sister from another mister. "Mason look what Lindsay caused! You really are going to let her get away with this?"I asked. He looked me in the eye and I knew he wouldn't. The old Mason was still in there. "Come on Tony. We'd better get back to Ohio. I'm sorry to bother you all. We just wanted to hunt up here."Mason apologized then Barbie (Lindsay) and geek charming (Tony) left. Those were my nicknames for them. I turned and went to help Harry up. "Did she do damage?"I asked looking at his head. "No I don't think so."He said. Everyone walked back inside. That was the first I have seen Mason in over 4 years. Like I said, Lindsay took him away from me. "Well that was...interesting."Bern sighed. "Yea I never thought Lindsay would return."Liam said. "Berny I'm sorry. Lindsays' my past. Your my present and future."Niall said wrapping Bern up in his arms. "So Liam how's Shianne?"Harry asked. "Yea what's my blonde been doing?"I asked raising an eyebrow. "She's great."He was hiding something. "What happened?"I asked. He gulped and began. "She yelled at me for being overprotective. Saying I need to tone it down."He sighed sitting down on to the couch. "Well Liam she has a point. I mean you did make us look for her when she was at Mariah's the whole time."I said sitting down next to him. "I said I'd try but how could I not be worried? I mean what if she was kidnapped."He said. "I would know Liam. Remember! I can see visions."I smiled. "Yea I guess your right."He smiled. "Liam she would get in touch with you somehow if anything happened. Remember she called your phone when Phobos had her held hostage."Harry added. I remember that day. Harry and I pretty much killed that fucker. Only it was Liam who took his head off. "Yea. Thanks you guys. I really needed this talk."He smiled getting up. "Where the hell are you going?"I asked raising my hands in the air with confusion. "To book plane tickets."He smiled. "For what?"I asked. "For Shianne. For her birthday she wants to see her brothers. So I'm going to make it happen."Liam said walking upstairs. Oh crap. I forgot her birthday was July 17. I don't know what she wants, or likes. What the hell am I going to give her? Then I remembered she's a big person for music. She used to play the flute in school band. I might of looked through her things while she was at Mariah's house. I am that sneaky when it came to knowing people. Maybe I could by her a flute case with her name engraved in to it. Yea she would like that. I got up and started up towards my room. "Now where are you going?"Harry asked. "To find a gift for Shianne."I said walking upstairs. I opened my room door and ran right to my laptop. I went online to some music place and ordered a flute with her name engraved on the case. The best part was that it's golden. I ordered it and put my laptop down. I went into my closet to find some gift wrap when I spotted an old picture of me and Mason. There was a note attached to it. I forgot Mason wrote me a letter, but I was to upset to even read it. I opened it up and read it.

Dear Cassandra,

I'm sorry things had to end this way between us but Lindsay are happy together.In fact we are engaged to be married. I'll never forget our good times we had together before my change but now we need to move on. I need to be with Lindsay and I know you and Harry will do great together. I can see it happening very soon. Please don't write back to me. I know it's hard right now but it will all work out very soon. 

With lots of love,

Your dearest friend,


Why didn't I read this when I had the chance? Now it was to late and I couldn't fix anything. 

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