(This is a sequel to Red Hero.) "It's not who you are underneath. But what you do that defines you."- Batman Begins.
Yes. He's back. He wants revenge. No Not Phobos. But one of Cassie's past that messed everything up for the future. Not only Cassie's life is at risk but Shianne's as well. When he catches her scent. It's all hell that breaks down. She needs her protector.


7. Don't tell

Shianne's POV: "Is something troubling you love?"Liam asked as we laid on the towel. It was 10:30 and it was a beautiful moonlight. There was something troubling me. Cassie left to go save Niall. It was a bad idea that she wouldn't tell Liam. I mean him and Niall are close. They like brothers almost. "No not at all."I lied. He looked over me and kissed my forehead. "Are you having fun?"He asked. I nodded. "I can't thank you enough."I smiled. "Anything to make you happy."He said laying back down. We laid there for quite some time until I realized it was almost 12:00. "Liam we better get back."I said getting up throwing on the sweatshirt. I waited for Liam and we walked up the path. "Hey Shianne, Any Idea where Cassie might of gone of to?"He asked. Don't tell Shianne. Don't tell. "Oh yeah she uh went off to join Mariah and them."I lied. "Oh OK."He said. "Yea just wait til they get back."I mumbled. "What was that?"Liam asked. "Oh it was just something about earlier that I just remembered."I lied again. "OK then."He nodded his head a little confused. We got back to the house. It was dark and so silent. I flicked the light on and walked upstairs to the bedroom. "Shi where's your bathroom?"Liam asked looking around. I pointed down the hall to the door. He nodded and walked down to it. I changed in to my pajama's and climbed in to bed. He came back and put his wet clothes in a bag. He laid in bed with me and I fell asleep. To bad I only have a little time here.

Cassie's POV: I busted through the door and everyone's eyes fixed on mine. Alley,Louis,Paul,Spencer,Katelyn,Kendall and Bernadette. No Niall. "Any idea where Lindsay took Niall?"Paul asked as I walked in. "Ohio. But they want me instead. It's why i'm back. To make an exchange with them."I sighed. Louis got up and grabbed my shoulders shaking me like crazy. "Are you mad?! Your just going to give them what they want?!"He yelled. I pushed Louis off me. "I have no choice! I have a strong connection with Niall. It's why they took him away!Now I have to save him."I said. "If it makes you feel better Cassie. I could help you look for him in Ohio."Bern smiled as I sat down on the couch. "No Bern don't risk your life."I stated. She nodded. "I understand. Do what is best Cassie. Go and get him then."She smiled giving me a small hug. "Cassie you need a plan. You can't just walk in and think they'll exchange Niall for you. It's not that simple."Spencer said. He was right. They might just keep us both. "So what do I do?"I asked. "Wait til Liam and them get back. They might just be the answer."Spencer said. I nodded. They were coming back in a couple days. It shouldn't be long now. 

Mariah's POV: "This was the best night ever!"I exclaimed as we walked back to the house. Harry and Zayn nodded in agreement. "We need to come back here some time. Australia is amazing!"Zayn said admiring the pink moon. "You know my cousins are here and I haven't even seen them."I sighed. "We can see them tomorrow before we leave."Zayn said. I looked over at Harry. He seemed down. "What's wrong Hazza?"Zayn asked. "Has anyone gotten in contact with Cassie?"He asked. "Here I can call her."I suggested picking up my phone. I dialed her number and waited for her to answer. I talked to her to see what she was doing. I can't believe what she was telling me. I hung up and looked at Harry. "You should go back to Hemlock Grove if you want to find her. She went back to save Niall from Lindsay."I gulped. Lindsay's tough. Real tough. We walked in to the living room and Liam was sitting with her brothers talking. They were laughing until Liam read my mind. His eyes turned black. Shit I forgot he could read minds. "Could you excuse me I have to talk to Harry and Zayn."He said pulling them with him out the door. "Hi Taco."Liam smirked. "Not one taco."I growled walking out the front door. "Why would she leave like this!"He yelled. "Liam she left because Lindsay kidnapped Niall and brought him to Ohio. She went back to exchange herself with him or something like that."I said. He dropped to his knees and it looked like he was going to cry. Even though that's physically impossible. "Liam were heading back soon. She wants to wait until we get back."I told him. He just sighed and got back up. "She's stupid to do something like that. I don't understand why she just can't wait until it's time to go home."He said getting up and pacing around. "Maybe it's for the best. She can start planning on her attack with Paul and Spencer."Zayn said. "Yea if she wants to die."Harry said hitting him in the back of the head. This was going to be a long 3 days. 

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