Camilla is a 12 year old girl, who has just went through her parents divorce.


1. Dad's house

 Camilla's POV

I roll around on the bed trying to get comfy, but it is not working! I give up, defeated. I get up and go to the other room where My father, Jim, is. "Daddy, I cant sleep" I complain to my father. He groans looking away from the TV and at me "I am not driving you home" he says blandly. I walk back to the bedroom I share with my sisters Sophie, and Kylie. Kylie is gone, over at her friend, Charissa's house. I lay back down and grab my I pod to check the clock, 1:50 AM. I shut off the I pod and put it down, I once again try to be comfy but alas I'm defeated, again. I miss home where my mom is, Where I'd fall asleep to the sounds of trains rushing by outside, and the sound the window makes while its passing, where my Dogs Spencer and Laila would sleep in my bed with me, Spencer next to me and Laila curled up by my feet, with my Comfy bed, and the scent the house gives, the smell of home. I then decide to text my mother so I grab my phone and text my mother "Mom, I can't sleep! :( " After a while it vibrates and I see my mothers texted back "I love you hon... I cant sleep either" I text back, "I love you too, and I miss you!" I sent the message and waited, and waited. But My mom didn't reply! She must've fallen asleep you think to yourself putting the phone down on the floor. My mom lives in the same town as my Dad, but they got divorced. That was a hard time for my family. It still is, that only happened about 4-5 months ago. My dad lives with his friend , Jeff, while my mom still lives in the house we had. We are trying to sell it though, the thing I'm going to miss most is the trains, They help me sleep. We haven't found a place to live yet and I hope its near the tracks! My sisters and I go to my dads every weekend. I do not like it one bit though! First of all, It isn't home and I don't feel safe and secure, second, I cant do the things I can at home! I can't wait for tomorrow, I get to go Home!

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