Out Of My Limit

Luke and Calum go to a new school. and meet 2 new girls. Little do they know one day these 14 year olds will be famous one day. See what the girls go through when they meet here band mates and there girlfriends. And what will it be like when the guys of 5SOS go on tour?


1. Out Of My Limit - Chapter 1

I walked slowly up to the school, remembering my summer. Then the bell rang. Another year. I walked down the hallway. “Shay! I haven’t seen you all summer! What’s up?” I turned around to see my best friend Cayley. I jumped and hugged her. “Oh my god I missed you.” I said. “Yeah get the hell off me you know I hate hugging.” She said pushing me away. She was wearing a band t-shirt and shorts. Typical Cayely, and as usual her ginger hair was straight. “Who’s your homeroom teacher?” She asked peering down at a white piece of paper with writing. “Mrs. Edwards. What about you?” “Were in the same homeroom! Second year in a row!” I have been friends with Cayley ever since we started school when we were little. And we were 14 now and we started at a new school last year and we have been in all classes together since. Now I actually looked forward to school because my best friend would never leave my side and I would never leave hers. “Well Shay ready to go to class?” She asked. “Lets go I’m exited to see who’s in our home room maybe some hot guys here” I said giggling. We started walking. “Damn, there hot who are they?!” Cayley said signaling over to two boys. I didn’t recognize them they must have been new. “The one on the right is mine.” Cayley said. He was wearing a all time low shirt and he had black hair and was wearing a beanie. “Fine then I get the other one.” I said. The other one was hotter to me anyways. He was wearing a green t-shirt and had brownish blonde hair. We found Mrs. Edwards room and went to the table in the middle of the room. I put my bag down. The two boys walked in along with her. Mrs. Edwards was a new teacher I was pretty sure. She had blonde hair and she was wearing a pink top. “Hello. I’m Mrs. Edwards. I’m here from England. My husband and I moved here. We have a few new faces like myself joining us this year. Luke and Calum. Could you please introduce yourselves.” The one with the black hair stood up at the front of the room. “Hello I’m Calum I’m new here obviously haha” He said. “Damn he’s hot.” Cayley whispered. “And I play the bass, and my favorite subject in school is music.” He stepped back. “Thank you Calum, Luke please come introduce yourself.” Mrs. Edwards said signaling Luke over. Luke slowly walked forward. “Hey everyone I’m Luke” He said quietly. Calum wasn’t shy but Luke was. I found myself staring at him. “I play the guitar and yeah can I be done now?” He said looking at Mrs. Edwards. “Yes please sit at the table with the two ladies what are you guys names? “I’m Shay, and this is Cayely” I said. Because u noticed Cayely was on her phone. They walked over and sat across from us. I was staring at Luke while he was looking back at Mrs. Edwards as she was talking and he looked over at me. And I quickly turned away. I knew it would be a long year.

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