Movella Ideas

Just a bunch of random ideas for movellas. You can use them if you wish, but tell me first. Okay? 'Cause then we won't have an issue


1. Chapter One

   WOOHOO! CHAPTER ONE! Okay, so in each chapter, there will be three ideas. They'll come with titles, and character names, but if you want to use it, you can change those.

   To be able to use an idea, you need to comment  about it, and if more than one person comments: It'll go to the person who I think will prosper the most from it, or if I can't even think of that: The person who I think will have the least trouble with the continuing the story.

  I'll also provide a genre,and maybe even a few tags. One rule: Take my idea, I'll find you in real life, and I will -for sure- delete 'your movella' right off your computer. You think I'm kidding? 'Cause I'm not. Oh, and I don't do One Direction Fan-fiction. It's all the same.


The Forgotten Grotto

Genre- Fantasy

  A long time ago, there was peace between land and water. The land kept there trash there, and the water stopped overflows. It was lovely. But, war broke out, and a grotto that could grant all wishes, was forgotten and lost.

  When young Pandora Limehouse finds this grotto , she learns of the war, and it's results. And as she learns of the grotto's power, she takes advantage of it, by trying to create her dream world. "I wish my dreams would come true!" She once said. Nightmares are dreams,too.

  Now, the earth is in ruins, and it's up to Pandora to find the grotto she had lost after that terrible wish came true.

Tags- pandora, grotto, forgotten, fantasy, wishes, magical, becarefulwhatyouwishfor, war, peace



The Oblivion

Genre- Science Fiction or Mystery

  One morning, Dottie Rivena wakes up, and it's gone. All of it. Everyone on earth, except for MaryJane Bradigan, and Joel Matos, is gone. That's not normal right?

  After finding each other, they decide to go and look for everyone. But, where could they be? Little did they know, everyone else was killed, but no one lived to tell what is was that killed them.

  Now, the tremendous trio must find out what happened to the others, and stop who, or what the killer is.

Tags- scifi, adventure, dottie, maryjane, joel, oblivion, future, death, massacre, mystery


Angel in The Snow

Genre- Romance 

  Anthony Elkins is a lonely guy. He doesn't have a lot of friends, he's not very popular, and he hasn't had a girlfriend since Elaine Kacey.  He thought he'd never find a girlfriend. But, he did.

  A few winters ago, he had a girlfriend named Angel. He knew she was the one,and she thought the same, but she had to go to college in Manhattan. She told him that when she came back, if he were to see her, and be single, she would marry him.

  He sees her again, and they both get the same magical feeling they had before.But, Angel refuses to marry him.

  She refuses because not too long ago, she found out she had a month to live. She saw him on her nineteenth day. What was she to do? After he bothers her, she finally gives in, then dies a week later.

  Now, everything Anthony sees is Angel. Until, he actually sees her. And, the day he sees her, is the day of the world's biggest blizzard.

Tags- love, angels, anthony, angel, snow, winter, girlfriends, relationships, winter, blizzard.


  So, in the comments, if you could tell me what you think of these ideas, it would be fairly helpful. These ideas aren't taken yet, so if you want them, just say so! Alright? Thanks for reading!




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