Movella Ideas

Just a bunch of random ideas for movellas. You can use them if you wish, but tell me first. Okay? 'Cause then we won't have an issue


5. Chapter Five

Little Bird

Genre- Realistic Fiction or Romance

Mia and Adam our lifelong enemies but are forced to play two lovers in the school play "Little Bird", a love story about two people who are forced apart because the girl is insane. Strange things start to happen the first day after rehearsal and telling the difference between the play and reality becomes harder and harder as the days go by. Mia and Adam must forget their differences to beat an old witch who cursed they play nearly two thousand years ago, because Mia's sanity relies on it.

Take Two

Genre- Fantasy

Nina is given one wish to her 15th birthday by a psychic called Marline. Her wish? To be popular, just like she always wanted to be. The next morning she wakes up and she's 13. Now she has the opportunity to become a popular! It seems like a dream come true at first but soon her dream meets back up with reality. All of her old friends hate her and her new friends talk behind her back! Even her boyfriend makes up things about her. Will she ever be able to get her old life back? 

The Pretty Ones

Genre- Realistic Fiction

Her best friend is in critical condition, she is hated by the entire town and to top it all off she's been doing drugs for three years. It all started one day in her boyfriends basement and its been going downhill from there. After spending her hard earned money to get more she becomes desperate and starts selling her body to men so she can get high again, when that doesn't roll in enough cash she starts stealing. At first her mothers 24 carrot gold necklace and then working her way up to an armed bank robbery. This is her story. Alee Prescott once living the dream and now know as the pot taking princess nation wide.  




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